Homeside Recipes

Lobster Rolls

Join Chef Shawn in the Flying Chestnut Kitchen and make your own delicious lobster rolls to enjoy with a frosty bevvie of choice over Hillside Homeside weekend.

Ingredients: cooked lobster tail meat, brioche buns, garlic butter, lemon rind, dill, chives, salt + pepper, mayonnaise, Hickory sticks, and fried onions. 

The Flying Chestnut Kitchen is a ragtag bunch who love music and slinging Indian tacos across this beautiful land and can’t wait til this craziness is over so we can delight your taste buds once more!!!

Tex-Mex Beans

Get ready to cook with Pressed for Time Paninis

Ingredients: Cullen’s Black Turtle Beans, olive oil, red onion, garlic, salsa verde (or salsa), PFTP Really Really Hot Sauce (or favourite hot sauce), cumin, oregano, smoked paprika, chili powder, granulated garlic, salt, pepper

Pressed for Time Paninis is a grab & go counter service restaurant located in downtown Guelph. Since 2018 they’ve been serving creative, homemade food, fast and efficiently with a flair for exotic flavours. Locally owned and operated, quality you can taste from people you can trust.

ChocoSol’s famous iced drinking chocolate

You know and love our ice cold, rich, frothy drinking chocolate from Hillside, and now you can make it yourself at home with this step by step tutorial! Watch our drink master Mathieu demonstrate how to prepare a classic xocolatl using just stone-ground chocolate, hot water, ice, and the secret ingredient- air!

Bonus! Exclusively for our virtual Hillside fans, get 15% off any purchase of drinking chocolate bars from our online store: just use the discount code: HappyHillside2020 at checkout.

Caring for your sourdough starter

Talented David O’Leary of Bread Heads brings you lyrical instructions to feed and maintain your starter – Amy lase 😉

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