Hillside Inside 2023

Hillside Inside is back for in-person winter festivities on February 3-5, 2023! View the full Hillside Inside 2023 lineup here.

Friday, February 3, 2023

12 PM: University of Guelph, UC Courtyard, 50 Stone Rd E, Guelph
Svjata Vatra

8 PM: Royal City Mission, 50 Quebec St, Guelph
Dance party with Kid Koala & Lealani with special guest Skratch Bastid

Saturday, February 4, 2023

9 AM – 1 PM: RBC Parking Lot, Wyndham St, Guelph
Hillside Hockey
$20 donation/team
Local musicians wanting to perform and teams wanting to play hockey can email Kate Johnston at [email protected].

11 AM – 1 PM: Planet Bean, 2 Wyndham St N, Guelph
Youth Showcase

1 PM – 2:30 PM: Planet Bean, 2 Wyndham St N, Guelph
Girls & Guitars: Alyssa Mackenzie, Songwriting Students

2:30 PM: Planet Bean, 2 Wyndham St N, Guelph
Hillside in Harmony Sings!

2 PM – 5 PM: Royal Electric, 52 Macdonell St, Guelph
Lively Up Yourself: A Reggae Afternoon with Kairo McLean and Kirk Diamond
Pay-what-you-can at the door

8 PM: Royal City Mission, 50 Quebec St, Guelph
The Sadies with Daniel Romano’s Outfit and special guest Christina Hutt


Sunday, February 5, 2023

11 AM: Miijidaa, 37 Quebec St, Guelph
Lit Music Brunch with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson


1:30 PM: Royal Electric, 52 Macdonell St, Guelph
Sunday Acoustic Session with Sultans of String
Pay-what-you-can at the door

4 PM: Royal City Mission, 50 Quebec St, Guelph
Women Life Freedom concert in support of Iranian protesters
Donations welcome

Hillside Inside 2023 Schedule
Hillside Inside 2023 Schedule

C. M. Duffy Artist Statement

“The uniqueness of the Hillside Festival and its homegrown aesthetic, consistent values and camaraderie were all factors that helped inspire the conceptual artwork for the summer festival. Obviously nothing was as influential in the creation of the final graphic as the wondrous location that makes possible every bit of the Hillside weekend. In the final art for this year’s event I reimagined Guelph Lake Island as an open piano with a layout of the festival grounds in full swing within.
Hillside’s winter iteration retains these similarly distinctive qualities, but winter makes congregating on the island slightly harrowing. Instead downtown Guelph itself is recast as host when several venues in town welcome patrons to concerts and events that share those core Hillside attributes. In creating the artwork that captures this wintery vibe the piano motif was repurposed only this time in the form of upright pianos that mimic buildings. The Hillside mood is expressed with the bustle of lively bodies mingling on the chilled streets. There are also others moving to the music within the middle venue where it seems a slice of the simmering summer festival has been plopped down right inside the walls. My hope is that my art is as warm and inviting as the spirit of Hillside Inside itself.
Happy Hillside!”

Hillside Inside 2023 artwork of downtown Guelph buildings as giant pianos in the winter
Hillside Inside 2023 Artwork by C. M. Duffy
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