This festival is dedicated to RebeccaReese-ba, Nick Taylor, Nick Dalton, Sarah Randall, Sara Detweiler, Graham Franks, Allan Jenkins, Lisa Simard, and all the wonderful Hillsiders who’ve made our hearts sing. We made it back. Thanks for staying with us.

Here we are at the much-anticipated return to in-person events, delirious at the prospect of hearing live music, dancing with all of you, welcoming newly arrived Ukrainians, fantastic artists, our beautiful, hard-working volunteers, and happy vendors with their bounty of food and crafts, eager facilitators with their inventive workshops, and you, our patient and kind supporters. We are conscious of being in transition between No Longer and Not Yet. We are accustomed to handling the physical threats of high winds and bad weather, but this year, the creep of Covid will make the transition to a live event feel more ambiguous and more psychologically squishy. In preparation, we have rearranged some of the furniture at our festival site and rearranged some of our mental furniture to make room for the changes we anticipate as a result of everyone feeling eager but unsure and of artists’ travel plans being challenging. Thank you for joining us in this transitional time. It’ll be a bit messy this year, but being here together will give us all the lift and the hope we have longed for.

Happy Hillside!
The Board, Staff, Volunteers, and Committee members of Hillside

Welcome back Hillsiders!
I’m beyond thrilled that, for the first time since 2019, Guelph Lake Island will once again be alive with the sound of music.
I hope everyone has a wonderful time enjoying the incredible lineup of musical performers, and the amazing community vibe that is distinctly Hillside. My thanks to everyone who played a part in this year’s Festival, including the Hillside board, staff, and legions of volunteers. Thank you and welcome to the many talented performers who will be gracing Hillside’s stages. Last but not least, thank you to festivalgoers for your support of live music. The past 2+ years have been exceptionally challenging for the arts sector. They’ve also been a stark reminder of how much we need the arts, and how important they are to our hearts, minds, and sense of community.

Cam Guthrie

On behalf of the Council of the Township of Guelph/Eramosa, it is my absolute pleasure to welcome everyone back to the Hillside Festival on beautiful Guelph Lake Island. We are thrilled that this acclaimed event will be happening in-person this year! The previous
two years of Hillside Festivals looked a little different, with the event organizers thinking fast on their feet to deliver a virtual festival in 2020, and a hybrid event in 2021. There was no shortage of challenges to surmount during this time, but Hillside Festival persevered
and was awarded Folk Music Ontario’s 2020 Setting the Stage Award, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the live music industry. The Setting the Stage Award is far from the only award this festival has garnered in its 38 years. Hillside has received numerous accolades over the years, but most recently was the recipient of two awards for its greening initiatives, including the international
Clearwater Award, which is presented to a festival that prioritizes environmental stewardship and demonstrates public leadership in sustainable event production. The Best Greening Award was presented by Festivals and Events Ontario for ensuring earth-friendly
practices are carried out throughout the planning, implementation, and evaluation of Hillside festival. Some examples of Hillside’s dedication to being green include sourcing biodegradable wristbands made from bamboo, and becoming carbon neutral in 2019.
When you’re at Hillside Festival, rest assured – you can really feel good about rocking out! Over the years, Hillside Festival has provided us with an incredible opportunity to celebrate music and artistic expression, while supporting an event that promotes environmental
leadership, accessibility, and cutting-edge arts. The success of this event can be attributed to its many dedicated organizers and over 1,300 volunteers. Thank you to everyone who works tirelessly to provide amazing entertainers, attractions, and a safe family-friendly
experience each year! We wish to welcome musicians and music-lovers alike to our wonderful community. Whether you are getting lost in the music at Hillside, visiting a country market, or taking a hike through our scenic parks, Guelph/Eramosa is the place to be! If you’re here for the whole festival, or just joining us for a day – we hope you have a fabulous experience and that you come back to visit us again soon!
Yours truly,

Chris White
Mayor, Township of Guelph/Eramosa

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