C.M. Duffy

C.M. Duffy is the artist behind our beautiful artwork for Hillside 2022.

 C.M. Duffy is an artist working in Toronto, Canada. His original art and prints can be found in several private collections around the world and his work has been published in books, magazines, posters and in many other venues. In 2021 he collaborated with the Department of Canadian Heritage to bring a large installation of his work to both Ottawa’s Confederation Park and Frankfurt, Germany to celebrate Canada’s Guest of Honour status in the Frankfurt International Book Fair. His work can be viewed at cmduffy.com.  

Artist Statement: 

I feel so very lucky to be entrusted with the artwork that represents this year’s Hillside Festival and its return to an in-person sensory experience! Landing on the right imagery to celebrate was very important to me as I wanted the visuals to evoke the excitement that I’m sure the entire Hillside community is feeling deeply. With this special community in mind and the plans to return (finally!) to an on-the-ground reconnection, I began to focus on the physical location where it will all happen, Guelph Lake Island. So it seems the idea I landed on for imagery was–land! Mulling over the ideas of the music inherent to the festival and the island locale’s overall shape it began to suggest something to me like the outline of a grand piano. The resultant image of the open grand piano that maps out the areas of the festival speaks to the jubilant openness of Hillside, and the grandness we are all anticipating reuniting with all that it entails! 

Hillside Festival 2022 Artwork by C.M. Duffy

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