Lizzie No

Sunday, July 24, 4:10 PM, Island Stage
Friends of the Earth (Session): Sunday, July 24, 6:30 PM, Sun Stage

New York singer-songwriter, harpist, and guitarist Lizzie No is one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary Americana music. Her 2017 debut album, ‘Hard Won,’ was hailed as “simultaneously understated and fervent” by Billboard Magazine. No’s 2019 album, ‘Vanity,’ was a hit at college radio stations across the country, cracking the NACC Top Adds Chart. Rolling Stone Magazine called the first single, “Narcissus,” a “crisp alt-rock gem” and a “Song You Need To Know.” After dropping a surprise home-studio-made EP in 2020, Lizzie is currently working on her third studio album and sharing music and writing with her loyal subscriber base. This summer she joins the Basic Folk podcast team as guest cohost.

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