Exploring Wild Wetlands with Scientists in School

Video available all weekend July 23rd – 25th

Explore animals and plants that live in the water! Water is important for all living things. Some need it to breathe, lay eggs or provide shelter. In this video, Scientist Heather takes us on an outdoor adventure where we use our senses to explore the wild wetlands.

At Scientists in School, we are determined to make a difference for the next generation. By engaging youth in real-world experiences that spark curiosity and nurture their inquisitive young minds, not only do we help them to discover the fascinating and fun side of science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and the environment, but we also help them to develop the 21st century global competencies that they will need to succeed not only in the careers of tomorrow but in the world of tomorrow.
Today they’re scientists in school, tomorrow they’re our leaders and innovators.

Scientists in school
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