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Hugh Christopher Brown and Kate Fenner have been making music together since their meeting as teenagers in Toronto. During high school and years following, they recorded and toured extensively with The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, whose diaspora contributes to music far and wide.
After relocating to NYC, Brown and Fenner continued to tour and record as a duo, releasing Other People’s Heavens (1997), Geronimo (1998), O Witness (2000), Great Lakes Bootleg (2000), Resist War (2001), Burden of Belief (2002), Horses and Burning Cars (2002) , Go On (2004). Magnet (2007), and Oblivion (2007). In 2005, they were commissioned to write Chansons du Salamandre, a Symphonic song cycle to accompany the Merriweather-Post architectural installation in New York City, and joined B.B. King for a U.S. Tour.
Brown and Fenner’s music has been featured in choreographies by the Toronto Dance Theatre as well as Randy James Dance Company in NYC. Other works include music for the movie adaptation of Paul Quarrington’s Whale Music and Kate’s contributions to Joan Jonas’ work, including The Shape, The Scent, The Feel of Things.
The duo’s internet only release Resist War has become a staple of the anti-war movement, and was added to the International Archive of Protest Songs in Glasgow.
The family of legendary songwriter Steve Goodman asked Chris to produce a tribute album to the American icon. The result was My Old Man (O Boy, Red Pajamas), featuring contributions by Brown, Fenner and their contemporaries including Steve’s daughter, Rosie Goodman
Kate and Chris continue to write and perform together at unexplained intervals determined by powers they have stopped questioning. They will do so always.

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