Help Hillside Flourish!

We did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Hillside runs year-round, and when we are not working at one of our two big festivals—Hillside Inside and the summer Festival—we are planning them.

Throughout the pandemic, we continued to serve our mission, our vision, and our community by offering:

Three virtual festivals
Six different online courses
A concert series
Live streams
Songwriting workshops
Outreach initiatives
Partnered co-presentations

As a result of shifts in revenue streams, Hillside’s summer festival has incurred a $26,471.90 deficit and we’re aiming to erase it with a funding drive to raise $25,000. Your generosity and support can make this happen!

Your donations help to stabilize our organization, keeping the brainstorming and planning going even in the snowiest or weirdest months of the year when lockdowns and Zoom meetings keep us working from home.

So, in donating to Hillside, you are backing an inspired and passionate group of people who care about culture and creativity and want to maintain a groundswell of interest in the power of art and music to unite people, educate them, entertain them, and keep them believing in our collective future.

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