Artwork by Alyah Holmes

Alyah Holmes

Alyah is a Canadian and American award-winning illustrator and designer based in Toronto.
She loves bringing concepts to life, evoking feelings and telling visual stories in a vibrant, playful and intriguing approach. Her world of creativity adapts to all types of media, working with clients such as Roku, Yahoo, The Ellen Degeneres Show, Audible, and Los Angeles Times on diverse projects spanning editorial, commercial, advertising, packaging, branding, and publishing. You can enjoy more of Alyah’s work at

Hillside 2024 artwork by Alyah Holmes
Artist Statement

My goal was to bring to life the joy, movement, fun, and feeling of togetherness experienced at Hillside Festival. Through vibrant colours and expressive characters, my wordmark and illustrations represent the music, talent, activities, food, nature, experiences, and people you’ll enjoy at Hillside. I hope my artwork resonates with everyone who has previously attended, entices those who are curious, and tells the story of a colourful and diverse musical and cultural summer festival!

Hillside 2024 Lineup Poster
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