Hillside Festival 2019

July 12 - 14

Alysha Brilla & The Brilltones

Alysha Brilla & The Brilltones

2018 Juno Award nominated Alysha Brilla is a critically acclaimed Indo-Tanzanian Canadian songwriter and producer who just released her fourth album, “Rooted”. Brilla’s new music draws on the influences of her unique background; blending Indian & East African sounds with a contemporary aesthetic.
Lyrically, Brilla writes about the value of love, equity and spirituality in times of global and personal turmoil. She won the International Songwriting Competition in 2015 for her song “Immigrant”, documenting her father’s journey to Canada from Tanzania and commenting on diaspora. Brilla writes songs with timely messages and silver linings. 

Brilla produces music with and for other artists as well. One of the few female producers actively working in the Canadian music industry, she represents for a lot of young women a voice of belonging.
Brilla has been producing music for over ten years, beginning with a studio co-op in highschool and continuing to flourish throughout her journey working with various talented producers in Canada and the U.S.  Brilla uses vinyl sampling, acoustic recordings, programming and experimentation to achieve a warm blend of retro vibes with a modern twist.

Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, July 13th at 1:00pm

    Sun Stage
  • Saturday, July 13th at 7:00pm

    Island Stage