Write Your Hillside Hallelujah!

Have you always wanted to write a song but didn’t know where to start? Discover collective songwriting over 4 short nights and produce a complete song—all before the holidays! What’s “collective songwriting”? It’s writing a song with other people. Bands do it all the time. Let this course lead you through a creative and collaborative process to create a brand-new song and discover strengths you didn’t even know you had! Learning in the comfort of a group and led by award-winning singer/songwriter Katherine Wheatley, you will explore song structure, lyric writing, and melody. Your class’s completed song will be an anthem to Hillside and its peacebuilding efforts.

This course is designed to be followed in early 2023 with “Hillside in Harmony”, an exploration of harmony singing and how to listen, find, and write harmony parts to songs—one of which will be our original Hillside anthem—and the finished product will be performed at Hillside Inside and/or the summer Hillside Festival! These two courses may be taken separately or together.


December 6, 7, 13, and 14, 2022 from 7 pm to 9 pm on Zoom.

Lesson Structure:
Tuesday, December 6
Lesson 1 – Song structure: What is it and how can we use it?
Wednesday, December 7
Lesson 2 – Principles of lyric writing: What are they and how can they be used to deliver the emotional intent of the song?
Tuesday, December 13
Lesson 3 – Melody: What are its components and how do we create a melody?
Wednesday, December 14
Lesson 4 – Editing tips: a list of questions we can ask to ensure our song is as effective as it can be.

No experience necessary.

Suggested fee is $50, minimum $25.

About Katherine Wheatley:

In addition to touring solo, award-winning singer/songwriter Katherine Wheatley plays with “Betty and The Bobs”,  “Wendell and Wheat” and the trio “Boreal”. She’s written and recorded 200+ songs with kids through her Youthsongs Programme and is in high demand for her innovative songwriting and music workshops.

Registration questions:  Kate Johnston [email protected]

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