Boreal’s 3 part harmonies and strong musicianship are just a small part of what makes them unique. This trio has a “joie de vivre” both onstage and off. Each of them (Katherine Wheatley, Tannis Slimmon, and Angie Nussey) is a successful solo artist and they come together for one season per year (winter) to showcase their collective talents in a harmonious and uplifting way. Although out of season, Boreal decided to have some fun this summer and showcase some of their “less wintery” songs. They hope you enjoy their version of a gospel session! 

“With stunningly beautiful voices, Boreal (Katherine Wheatley, Tannis Slimmon & Angie Nussey) capture the festive spirit like no other act I have ever presented. With exquisitely intricate harmonies and heartwarming stories, Boreal intimately connects with their audience in a profound way.”  George Scott (Presenter, Alliston and Beeton, ON)

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