Food & Craft Vending


Photo of patron with plate of Indian tacos from food vendor Photo of a row of craft vendors at the festival

For about 37 years, we have been introducing green initiatives to help us care for the land, air, and water that nurture us all.  At this moment in time, we are embarking on a 5-year plan to increase the sustainability of the products we make available to our festival-goers, and this means looking carefully at what you, our creative suppliers, are making and how you’re making it, both during the festival and year-round.  We want to partner with you to make this world a greener place, and to that end, we’d like to hear about your sustainability action plan for your business.  This will help us with our selection process, a process managed by committees comprised of knowledgeable staff, board, and community members.  

For 2020, we want all vendors to eliminate as much disposable waste and packaging as possible.  If for some reason the waste or packaging cannot be eliminated this year, we want to hear what you will use until you can eliminate it (e.g., compostable items). 

We have a robust waste-streaming system, the “Trash Turnaround,” at our festivals that everyone is expected to use.  The four streams are Dishes (to be washed); Compost; Recycling; and the dreaded Landfill.  We want that last category to be tiny.  Ideally, non-existent.  And we need you to help us get there.


  • We invite applications from local and regional Chefs/Artisans who create locally-sourced, organic, healthy menus that cater to a variety of tastes and dietary needs (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, etc.). Applications are reviewed by our Food Vending Committee for menu quality, diversity and to provide a balance of the types of offerings in our Food Bazaar. We do not duplicate menus/cuisines and each food vendor will be unique. 
  • Application closed March 1st, 2020


  • We invite applications from local and regional craftspeople who are the designers, creators and producers of crafts to be sold at the festival. Unfortunately, we are unable to review applications from vendors who sell imported products. Applications are juried by our Craft Vending Committee to ensure the quality and originality of items for sale, and to provide a balance of different craft categories. 
  • Application closed March 1st, 2020