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July 25 – 27

The Hillside Hum 2014

The Hillside Hum 2014

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Editor's Note:

Due to some editing errors, please note the following corrections to the Hillside Hum:

Friday: Some of the quotes attributed to Snowblink's Dan Goldman in the Hydra interview should actually be credited to Hydra drummer Don Kerr (veteran drummer for the Rheostatics and Communism, among other acts).

Saturday: A slip of the mind/pen: the Feist tune mentioned in the Hydra review is of course called "The Bad in Each Other," not the "Good." Mea culpa! We also mentioned the lovely Regina the Gentlelady but forgot to note her band name: that would be, of course, Light Fires (apropos, given her incendiary performance).

With apologies for any missteps – we hope you enjoyed reading the Hillside Hum! - Tabassum Siddiqui (Hum writer/editor)