Hillside Summer Festival 2013

July 26 – 28

Performance Schedule

Download the complete 2013 Hillside Performance Schedule here.

Friday, July 26


Opening Welcome

with Local Aboriginal Elders


Vish Khanna (host) with Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Dawn McCarthy, Bry Webb, Daniel Romano & Tamara LindemanBonnie 'Prince' Billy and Dawn McCarthy, Daniel Romano and The Trilliums.

Thirty Years Later – Still looking for the Side of the Hill

James Gordon (host) with Preetam Sengupta, Sarah J. Felker, Ambre McLean & friendsJames Gordon, Preetam Sengupta, Sarah J. Felker.


Jam School presents Jeri Leader

Jeri (age10) hit the stage dancing at age 4 and combined with her love of music, naturally expanded into musical theatre by age 7. Bitten by the performance bug, she is now pursuing Film/TV roles and...


Noah and the Roaches

In the fall of 2012, Jam School students Noah Allard (vocals, guitar) and brothers Ethan (drums) and Cullen Roach (guitar) formed a rock power trio. The band has recently added bassist Patrick "P...


Kopecky Family Band

“Family” is a word that encompasses a variety of definitions. With that in mind, let this introduction to Kopecky Family Band be taken with an open mind and with a grain of salt. This family is connected not by blood or by heritage, but by…

Odd Years

Home town heroes, Odd Years, are a new group making waves in Canadian music. Featuring members of Cuff the Duke, Minotaurs, and Lowlands, their energetic live show is full of hooks, harmonies and facial hair. Fresh out of the studio, they recently…

I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Hill

Northern California’s outlaw music bards bring a reputation for high-energy live shows and an incomparable fusion of bluegrass/old time, southern rock, and old school jam to stages and festivals...



Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies and Chris Slorach have been around long enough to know that if you can’t fit it in the van, it’s not worth bringing. METZ play like one brutally heavy instrument with three heads, slashing heavy-gauge strings,…

Ariana Gillis

One of Canada's best singer-songwriters!  Not every young Canadian singer-songwriter gets to launch her CD with a live appearance on the US satellite station Sirius XM. The show was hosted by Dave Marsh, author of more than 25 books on rock and…


Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Dawn McCarthy

As children, and today, the music of The Everly Brothers touched Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. What the Brothers Sang is inspired by the Brothers; paying tribute by being a record that only Dawn and Bonnie could make, only in the room…


Said The Whale

The strength of Said The Whale is their ability to marry catchy hooks with a roots music tradition; straddling the worlds of rock and folk with confidence, ease, and songs that are heavy on glorious s...

Stereo Hypnosis

The Icelandic electronic Father and son duo Stereo Hypnosis was stabilized in 2007. Father Oskar Thorarensen is one of the founders of the collective Brut art group Inferno 5(1984) and Pan Thorarensen has quite a moved history in Icelandic electronic…


World Party

Karl Wallinger left the Waterboys and launched World Party with the hit "Ship Of Fools".  Creating a unique sound from influences such as the Beatles, Dylan, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and Prince, World Party followed with Goodbye Jumbo…


Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings defies laws of time and space. Electro-pop maestro John O makes music that exists outside specific eras, distilling encyclopedic knowledge and passion into laser-like beams of emotional immediacy. Physical limits don't bother him much,…

The Treasures

Country never felt quite like this before. Writing tunes reminiscent of the Outlaw Country movement, laced with thick harmonies, and smoky steel lines. The Treasures have taken the rawness of the outlaw artists, and infused it with their northern musical…

Saturday, July 27


Drum and Dance

Open Invite!

Hillside in DA HOUSE

House of Velvet meets House of David GangHouse of David Gang, House of Velvet.

Nashville Skyline

with Escondido, Lindi Ortega & friendsEscondido, Lindi Ortega.

Mystical Intervention

Prepare to be inspired and share work.


The Boo Radley Project

"BRAP" was founded in February 2011 on a mutual obsession for the literary character, Boo Radley. The Elora/Guelph based orchestra/band fuses jazz, funk, and alternative music with a quirky ...

Meanwhile, Back in this Nebula

Akron/Family meets King Cobb SteelieAkron/Family, King Cobb Steelie.

Brenda McMorrow

Brenda McMorrow’s rich and diverse musical career, spanning folk, jazz and bluegrass, has most recently become focused on the healing power of sound and, in particular, the Bhakti yoga practice of "call and response" Kirtan chant. An…

Hillside Slam

Truth Is (host). Participate for a chance to win a pass for Hillside 2014!


Poor Man's Whiskey

Northern California’s outlaw music bards bring a reputation for high-energy live shows and an incomparable fusion of bluegrass/old time, southern rock, and old school jam to stages and festivals...


The Weather Station

The Weather Station is Canadian songwriter Tamara Lindeman. She writes folk music based in classic elements of songcraftt—melody, tension, meaning. On her previous efforts, Lindeman earned accolades for her delicate, carefully worded verse, filled…

Preetam Sengupta

Preetam Sengupta appeared on the singer/songwriter scene after first dedicating himself to helping other artists through his company, Letting Artists Make Art (LAMA). His songs tell stories, and he thrives on connecting with people through honest delivery…

Essential Redemption

Raissa Simone, Dinah Thorpe, Ahmed “Knowmadic” AliAhmed "Knowmadic" Ali, Dinah Thorpe, Raissa Simone.


Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion

Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion have hit their creative stride on Wassaic Way August 6. Produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy and Patrick Sansone at the Loft in Chicago, the album finds Guthrie and Irion pushing way beyond the folky sound established with their 2005 debut and into territory showcasing their full musical potential. Featuring buoyant pop melodies and layered instrumentation, any of the songs on Wassaic Way could be a single, which speaks to the strength of the songwriting.


Yamantaka // Sonic Titan

Hailing from Montreal and Toronto, Polaris prize-nominated art and experimental music collective Yamantaka//Sonic Titan will bring their trademark hand-painted sets, Noh inspired face make up, and unique hand-built musical instruments. Aesthetically, they…

Gregory Hoskins

Gregory Hoskins has quietly crafted an art practice that has seen him collaborate with renowned musicians from the roots, jazz, and classical worlds; theater, spoken word, visual, and performance artists; in studios, on major stages and prisons. …

Seasoned and Ready for Public Consumption

Missing LinX, Canada's first and only official Hip Hop Poetry Group, comprises of Just Jamaal, MC The Poet, PrufRock Shadowrunner and Hyf the Gypsy Sun, all veteran slam poets. Mixing spoken word narratives, boom bap cloud hop beats and seasoned raps, their debut album, R.I.P. Charlie, is a classic introductory album for a group that prides themselves on stepping outside the box, then stomping on it.


Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge is a musician, songwriter, bandleader, entertainer, innovator and preservationist, whose well-rounded arsenal of talents has placed him at the forefront of American music. Over the last decade, Pokey has won the hearts of music lovers across…


Red Wanting Blue

Red Wanting Blue is a Columbus, Ohio-based rock band that has built a devoted following throughout the American heartland as an electrifying touring act. In early 2012, Red Wanting Blue finally released its first album recorded for a label, and has been on…

Aidan Knight

Knight and his collaborators (Julia Wakal, Colin Nealis, David Barry... and Olivier Clements) created the swirling cinematics of Small Reveal in a whirlwind 10 days in 10 different recording spaces. The comraderie and the contributions of the band were…

Star-studded Vibe

Craig Buckles, Erika Gault, Rachel Wiley.


House of David Gang

House of David Gang is a reggae outfit that recently released a new CD "Reggae Warrior" that mixes the classic Jamaican roots reggae with folk, soul and pop influences. The band takes its na...



"When we sing we are calling on ourselves, on the deep river of inspiration that connects the whole. We are singing old stories. The narrative thread is one of the desert, that ancient ocean floor, long dried to reveal a barren expanse of scorched…

The Longawaited Return

The Recipe are Canada's most lauded poetry group. The group consists of a two-time national champion, a two-time individual Canadian champ and the 2010 World Poetry Slam winner. Special to this year at Hillside they are joined by pianist and composer…


Lindi Ortega

When Lindi Ortega went in search of some quiet last year, the award-winning artist was pleasantly surprised to find a voice she hadn’t heard in some time – her own. Amid sparse, atmospheric production, it’s precisely this voice – a…



Originally hailing from LA, Toronto-based Snowblink released their sophomore album, Inner Classics, last year via Arts & Crafts. With gossamer vocals and spare electronics over a folk-rock backbone, the band has supported Feist, Jeff Tweedy, Owen Pallett, Timber Timbre, Ohbijou, & Great Lake Swimmers on tours throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.


Saint of Circumstance

Gregory Hoskins, Harri Palm, Ron Hawkins, Aidan Knight & Ariana GillisAidan Knight, Ariana Gillis, Gregory Hoskins.


Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan is both a writer and spoken word virtuoso. With his rhythmic verse in high gear, he navigates his audience through social and political territory with a furious honesty and a tender humanity that has brought audiences to their feet…

Eight and a Half

Justin Peroff of Broken Social Scene + Dave Hamelin and Liam O'Neil of The Stills = Eight and a Half. But while the math is simple, the story behind it is not so. This is not a side project. This is not a couple of friends dicking around on weekends.…



Escondido is Nashville, TN based artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James. Recorded live in a single day, their 10-song debut album was released Feb. 26, 2013. Their sound is a washed out desert landscap...


Sound Sunscapes Part I

AroarA, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.


Jim Guthrie

Not only is Jim Guthrie from Guelph but he also happens to share a birthday with Hillside which makes this year's return to the festival even more special. Complete with a 9-piece band they'll be playing their nostalgic brand of indie folk-pop in…

Reuben and The Dark

Ruben and the Dark is the newest project from Calgary’s Reuben Bullock. The quartet weaves together sounds and vocal harmonies that create an unexpected texture that finds ways of translating the confusing language of emotion into song and melody;…


The Sadies

The Sadies are always at the top of the list when discussing musical chops and live intensity, never mind their numerous collaborations (Neko Case, Andre Williams and Neil Young to namedrop a few). The band offers a unique and distinctive sound that draws on a range of influences from garage and psychedelia to folk-rock, layered with gorgeous country rock-harmonies. The Sadies are a sure thing...tomorrow isn't.


House of Velvet

House of Velvet first rocked Hillside in the mid 90s. All originally Guelph-based musicians, the band members have been active in the music scene since HOV last jammed – performing, composing, teaching and producing music. House of Velvet is…

The Darcys

The Darcys are an art rock band from Toronto. Their self-titled Arts & Crafts debut was produced by The Dears' Murray Lightburn and released in 2011 as the first in a trilogy of full lengths. Second was AJA, an interpretation of Steely Dan's…



The unmistakable voice of Azam Ali, the refined acoustic/electronic instrumentation of Loga Ramin Torkian, the cutting-edge producer-remixer Carmen Rizzo, defines NIYAZ among the best in contemporary ...


July Talk

July Talk isn't easy to pigeonhole. Imagine Tom Waits and Amy Millan shouting whiskey-soaked lullabies while backed by Crazy Horse and youʼd have a start. Striking a balance between Americana and indie-rock, July Talkʻs Beauty & the Beast…

The Pack a.d.

How many records does it take to break through? For Vancouver's The Pack a.d. that number is four. Diehard Pack fans have long been aware of Maya Miller and Becky Black's furiously intense and sweat drenched live shows. They are already aware of the standout songs on the first three records. But since the release of Unpersons (2011, produced by Jim Diamond) and the singles "Sirens" and "Haunt You" the duo has unquestionably broken through. Guaranteed, The Pack a.d's live shows will rock the sh#t out of you and their songs will rock the sh#t out of your speakers. The Pack a.d. are nominated for Best Breakthrough Band at the 2013 Juno Awards. Keep your ears peeled for a brand new single coming this Summer of 2013 followed by a full length release shortly thereafter.


Lowest of the Low

Legendary indie band, whose 1991 debut "Shakespeare, My Butt" has been honoured in the Top 10 Canadian Albums of All Time as well as re-released on it's 20th anniversary that included a ...

Yukon Blonde

Over the past two years, Yukon Blonde has earned no shortage of acclaim for its hook-heavy brand of pop rock. But despite their love of vintage rock 'n' roll, the members aren't the kind of guys who cling to the past. After an intensive…

King Cobb Steelie

King Cobb Steelie formed in Guelph in 1991. The band quickly became known for their idiosyncratic punch up of tape echo guitar collisions and hyperactive syncopated rhythms. They have a long performing and recording career working with innovators like Bill…

Sunday, July 28


Drum and Dance

Open Invite!

Sunday Gospel Session

Sarah Lee Guthrie, Johnny Irion, Ruth Moody, Martha Wainwright, Brenda McMorrow, Lindi Ortega & Shane KoyczanBrenda McMorrow, Lindi Ortega, Martha Wainwright, Ruth Moody, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Shane Koyczan.

The Loadout

The Wilderness of Manitoba, Young Benjamins.


Jaipur Kawa Brass Band

In 1995 for the first time, the traditional brass band of India started its long journey from streets to play instead at event such as FIFA world cup, The Olympics, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Montreal jazz Festival, Sunfest, Glastonbury Festival,…

Oceanic Permanence

Indians, Niyaz.

James Gordon

Guelph guy James Gordon was the first artistic director of Hillside and has been a fixture on the international singer-songwriter scene since before this festival was born. 40 albums solo or with Tama...

Smiling Divas

The Cliffs, Amanda Hiebert & Krystle Mullin, Keisha MoniqueKeisha Monique, The Cliffs.


The Dunwells

The Dunwells, two brothers, two cousins, and a best mate, debut their unique trademark sound that blends Celtic and American folk, rock, and pop. Their outstanding album Blind Sighted Faith was produc...

The Do Good Assassins

Lowest of the Low's Ron Hawkins' latest project with fellow songwriter/guitarist/vocalist/producer Steve Singh that begins with the double debut album "Rome" and a powerful 5-piece l...

Johnny MacLeod & Harri Palm

Johnny and Harri started working together in the Queen Street/OCA Punk/New Wave scene in 1976. Their blending of roots, rock and garage music in Johnny and the G-Rays helped cast the mold for many Queen St. West indie bands that followed. They’ll be playing songs from throughout their careers as well as from John’s new release “If You’re Living” with Rob Greenway (a,k.a. Brilliant Fish) on drums/vocals and Mike Young on bass.

Sunlight Vigil

Loh El the Minstrel, Sean Warren.


Young Benjamins

The energetic and creative four piece (think along the lines of Rah Rah, Library Voices) combine Roots, Rock and a dash of infectious pop resulting in some of the most exciting sounds for your ears in...

Richard Reed Parry's "Quiet River of Dust"

Richard Reed Parry's Quiet River

Daniel Romano and The Trilliums

Daniel Romano is a songwriter who channels country crooning and hard luck storytelling with cinematic fidelity. While references to marquee names like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are apparent in Romano's music, his take on the…

Local Brilliance

The 2013 Guelph Poetry Slam Team is bound by a profound urge to expose the systemic violence that shapes lives, as well as the deep roots of connection, hope, and resilience through which we resist, form community, and care for one another. Rafay, Lisa B., Meme, Truth Is ..., and David James Hudson bring a combination of evocative stories, and lush imagery to the stage.


Ruth Moody

Ruth Moody is a Juno Award winning songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Founding member of the internationally renowned, Billboard-charting trio The Wailin' Jennys and former lead singer of the Canadian roots band Scruj MacDuhk (the band that would…

Colin Stetson

Colin Stetson established himself as an intensely original solo composer and performer in 2011 with the release of the widely acclaimed New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges. Judges ended up on countless year-end lists and emphatically proved that…

Legato Vipers

Jams took a grit-surf turn for the worse. Something happened in the mind of Belluz resembling inspired stupidity; Brooks had indeed learned how to do reverb-soaked-tremolos! 4 Belluz originals followed. Don Pyle agreed to produce an EP. Howard and Anderson…

Celebrating Success

Details to come. The Up From The Roots Slam Team won the national team slam championship at the 2012 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Saskatoon. Team members include Patrick de Belen, Ritallin, Lishai, Dwayne Morgan and Serafina. Their solo and group performances touch on issues of identity, social justice and the human condition with an unmistakable passion and power that helped make them the top poetry slam team in Canada.


Martha Wainwright

"Come Home To Mama" is Martha's first album of original material in four years. After touring the world for her LP of Edith Piaf covers, Martha departs from her past roots in folk, colla...

Sarah Neufeld


Hillside Jam

Ritallin (host) with Emoticon Dawn, TheRecipe, DinahThorpe, Erika Gault, Ahmed “Knowmadic” Ali, Missing LinX & friendsAhmed "Knowmadic" Ali, Dinah Thorpe, Erika Gault, Missing LinX, The Recipe featuring Emoticon Dawn.



AroarA=Andrew Whiteman & Ariel Engle. Musicians. Currently at work in the spirit/science of sonic gene splicing.


Indians is the musical alter ego of Copenhagen resident Søren Løkke Juul. His debut album, Somewhere Else was released to critical acclaim on January 29, 2013 via 4AD, followed by lengthy tours of Europe and North America.…


Lee Ranaldo Band

Founding member of Sonic Youth, now in 30th year; composer/visual artist/writer etc. Recent live performances with partner Leah Singer, Contre Jour , have been large scale, multi-projection quadraphonic sound+light events, w Lee performing suspended electric guitar phenomena.

The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba blends indie champions like the Civil Wars and Band of Horses with the early '70s magic of Neil Young's Harvest era. In their four years of existence, the band has released three albums and an EP, and has toured Canada, the U.S., the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.


One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills

Pokey Lafarge, Akron Family & friendsAkron/Family, James Gordon, Pokey LaFarge.


Fucked Up

All too often punk music is about getting it right, picking a particular subgenre and acing it the way you might a test. Toronto‘s Fucked Up has proven the antithesis of this approach since their inception. Formed in early 2001, this five-piece has…

Sarah J. Felker

At just 20 years of age singer/songwriter Sarah J. Felker pleases her audience with her powerful, weathered voice that betrays an emotional reach well beyond her years.” Felker, who cites John Mayer, Adele, Bruno Mars, Elvis and the Beatles among her…



Since his emergence from Toronto’s burgeoning alternative scene with 1995’s now iconic Everything I Long For, Hayden has released several critically acclaimed albums and toured the world. ...


Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

The newly-reconstituted Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet existed originally between 1984 and 1995, releasing three albums and twelve singles. They won a Juno, did a Peel Session, backed B-52's voca...

The Walkervilles

The Walkervilles are a motown/rock influenced group from Windsor, on; right across from motown itself, Detroit, Michigan. The three piece is a sort of ontario super group, combining Pat Robitaille's unforgettable sultry voice with Michou member's…



Ten years ago, members of Wintersleep began writing songs in a small apartment in Halifax. A decade and five albums later, Wintersleep – who can now be referred to as ‘JUNO Award winners’ ­‐ have performed for audiences across North…


Underneath the Overhang

Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, The Sadies.

Two Hours Traffic

Two Hours Traffic's speciality has always been unforgettable pop melodies. Now, with a revamped lineup and a new producer behind the board, the award-winning Charlottetown band have honed their craft and created their catchiest, most focused album to…



Six Shooter Records’ Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet tie the musical knot with the debut of their new band, Whitehorse, marrying their talent and chemistry on stage as a smoldering duo. Gutsy and resolute in their pursuits of sound and substance,…



with Lee Ranaldo, Richard Reed Parry, Sarah Neufeld, Colin Stetson & friendsColin Stetson, Sarah Neufeld.

The Speakeasies

You’ve had a few drinks. You bump into this guy at the bar- space is tight - so you give him an elbow. You turn around and find yourself toe to toe with a well muscled dude. Suddenly, you don&rs...