2017 Contest Winners


Taylor 410 guitar signed by 2017 festival performers (donated by Folkway Music) – value $2,495

WINNER: David Josephy



Four 2018 Hillside Festival Weekend Passes and one Guelph Lake Weekend Campsite (donated by Guelph Lake Conservation Area) – value $760

WINNER: Nic Schalz



Two 2018 Weekend Festival Passes – value $300

WINNER: Betty Lee


Congrats to David Josephy for winning the amazing Taylor 410 Guitar!       


The beautiful guitar was donated by Folkway Music in Waterloo.



The Hillside Treasure Hunt

Also running throughout the 2017 Summer Festival was The Hillside Treasure Hunt, which could be found on page 39 of the Program.

Congrats to Wanda Thompson for winning a Hillside Merch Swag Bag.

For those of you interested in the correct answers to the Treasure Hunt, here they are:



  1. What year was the first Hillside Festival? Bonus point: where did it take place? 1984, Riverside Park
  2.  What are Hillside's four core values? Altruisim, Equality, Environmentalism, Peacemaking
  3. How many Quebec musical acts are playing at Hillside this year? 11: Couer de Pirate, Klo Pelgag, Lisa LeBlanc, Boogat, The Luyas, Franklin Electric, Kaia Kater, Barr Brothers, Duchess Says, BigBrave, New Canadian Global Music Orchestra
  4. How many Trash Turnarounds does it take to keep Hillside clean? 16 - 24, depending on whether you had access to restricted areas
  5. On which traditional Indigenous territory is Hillside situated? Attawandaron & Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation
  6. What type of guitar did Folkway Music donate for our Great Guitar Raffle? A stunning Taylor 410



  1. "I'm black, white, and painted all over" = the chalk-painted piano
  2. "It's huge, it's loud, and it's new" = The Conundrum, the large canoe that could be found in different places during the weekend
  3. "My roots are planted, yet I am mobile" = The Mobile Greenhouse which was over by the Children's tent
  4. "Twinkle, Twinkle, lights the way" = the twinkle light path near Island Stage
  5. "Come communicate where community congregates" = the Neighbourhood tent!
  6. "Heart beats and moving feets" = Drum and dance!
  7. "I end at the clothes" = the Merch tent


Together, all the discovered words could be arranged to be the famous Marilyn Manson quote:

"Music is the strongest form of magic".

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Treasure Hunt and bought a ticket for the raffle!