Hillside Inside 2019

February 8 – 10


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Friday, February 8


Whitehorse with Birds of Chicago

First night of Hillside Inside 2019 kicks off with this fabulous show at the gorgeous and intimate Royal City Church in the heart of Guelph. Birds of Chicago, Whitehorse.


Regina Gently + 3 DJs Dance Party

Co-presented by Fierce Guelph - a dance party with some extra special entertainment! Junglecat, M'Damn D, OrangaDang, Regina Gently.

Saturday, February 9


Hillside Hockey 2019

Fun and friendly Hillside hockey! Bring your team, bring your cheerleaders, bring your own mug, and bring your donation for the Guelph Black Heritage Society!


A Beggars Banquet Brunch: Dead Flowers

Rolling Stones themed brunch to start your Saturday off right! Dead Flowers plays Stones country. "Torn and Frayed" chicken and waffles, anyone? $35 + HST, includes brunch and show. Reservations must be made with Royal Electric. Brunch reservations start at 10:30, show starts at noon.

Brunch: The Waverlys

A stirring and mesmerizing alt-folk duo, The Waverlys will make the new Park Grocery Brunch experience unforgettable. Superb songwriting, haunting vocals, and beautiful strings: best way to wake up on a Saturday. Reservations must be made with Park Grocery. $35+HST includes brunch and show. Brunch reservations start at 10:30, show starts at 11:30.


Youth Showcase

Starting in Planet Bean at 11:00am and moving outdoors to Market Square at 12:30pm, this showcase of talented young musicians is sure to impress you! Co-presented with Jam School.


Girls & Guitars: Lynn Jackson

Part of our Girls & Guitars progressive-party style series! Expect a little bit of country, a little bit of rock 'n' roll, and a whole lot of storytelling from this professional singer-songwriter.


Girls & Guitars: ROSI3

Part of our Girls & Guitars progressive-party style series! A clever songwriter with a powerful voice, ROSI3 writes with honesty, irreverence, and captivating energy.


Girls & Guitars: Hillside Songwriting Students

Since 2011, Hillside has been running three streams of the Girls & Guitars project, which is designed to address the gender imbalance in the music industry and to encourage female-identified musicians to write songs that speak of and to them. The students we will showcase are from the winter 2019 songwriting course.Alaina Sampson HI2019, Julie Tripp HI2019, Michelle Munroe HI2019, Sember Wood HI2019.


Girls & Guitars: Regina Gently

Follow our Girls & Guitars series to its finale at the electroacoustic installation in Market Square! We never know what Regina will do next. And this time she's outside at a full amphitheatre of speakers to amplify her sound.


Music Weekends: TEKE::TEKE and Kitzl

Come out for a double bill featuring new sounds and powerful musicians. TEKE::TEKE fuses eleki, psych and shoe gaze, as well as elements of Asian theatre and music with the familiarity of anime cartoons. Kitzl's organic sampling of everyday sounds layered with vocals will transport you to places you have yet to imagine. Part of Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph. This is a Pay What You Can event. Kitzl, TEKE::TEKE.


William Prince with Cécile Doo Kingué

Saturday night is going to be more than alright with another Hillside Inside 2019 show at the cosy Royal City Church in downtown Guelph. Bluesy guitarist & singer, Cécile, meets the baritone vocals of JUNO-award winning William Prince.Cécile Doo-Kingué, William Prince.

Sunday, February 10


Beautiful Scars Brunch: Tom Wilson

Tom performs a literary recital based on his best selling book Beautiful Scars, which details his journey and discovery of his true identity. Co-presented by Eden Mills Writers' Festival $35 + HST, includes brunch. Reservations must be made with Miijidaa. Brunch reservations start at 10:00, show starts at 11:30.


Gospel Brunch: The Weary Travellers

Join The Weary Travellers as they journey through a program of travel songs, work songs, and explore the African-American experience through song. Reservations must be made with Bollywood Bistro. $35+HST includes brunch and show. Brunch reservations start at 10:15, show starts at 11:15.


Sound of Light: Nefe

Nefe kicks off our progressive-party style Sound of Light series! Guelph's favourite rock star. Come find out why she's named after a Queen. Everybody else knows. After the performance, follow drummer Gerima Harvey to our next venue.


Sound of Light: William Prince

Follow the sound of light to Guelph Music for a performance by William Prince! “My whole life I listened to my dad’s deep voice singing gospel,” says William Prince. “In a sense, I make folk-country tunes inside of a gospel framework. It can be really powerful, but it brings a calm.”


Sound of Light: Cécile Doo-Kingué

Follow the sound of light to Pod for a performance by Cécile Doo-Kingué. With a sound that mixes blues, afro-roots and soul, Cécile will make you rise up this Sunday morning.


Sound of Light: Andrew Craig

Follow the sound of light to Planet Bean for a performance by Andrew Craig. Fabulously talented singer, songwriter, musician, director and producer, Andrew Craig knows gospel.


Sound of Light: Laurel Tubman and friends

Follow the sound of light to the art installation at Market Square! Laurel Tubman joins friends Karen Weigold, Anthony Fauré and Andrew Adridge to present a collection of travelling songs and other spirituals.


Music Weekends: Mark T Bluegrass Band with stepdancers Ailsa and Mika McCairley

The ever popular Sunday afternoon bluegrass session is back! This time, we've stepped it up a notch with the McCairley Sisters. Part of Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph. This is a Pay What You Can event.Mark T Band, The McCairley Sisters.