Getting Your Wristband

The Gate Tent

The Gate tent (it's huge, you can't miss it!) in the mainland parking lot is your point of entry to Hillside. There you can exchange your ticket for a wristband after parking your car or getting off the free shuttle bus from downtown.

Gate Hours:

Friday, July 12:  4:30pm-11pm
Saturday, July 13: 10am-11pm 
Sunday, July 14: 10am-11pm 

Wristbands or laminates are mandatory to get into Hillside. There is no wristbanding along the causeway to the island. 

If you are camping in the park, you will need to go through the Gate Tent before heading onto the island. All performers and media must check in at the Delta Hotel to pick up their festival ID and package, whether they are staying there or not. All volunteers must check in at the Gate Tent to receive their wristband.