There is a bike lot on the island. There will be a small area for checking unlocked bikes. However, we encourage you to bring a working lock. While the Lot is staffed by Hillside volunteers, the festival cannot assume responsibility for lost or stolen bikes or their accoutrements. Check that your lock is in good working order. Pick up your wristband at the Gate Tent on the mainland, and then proceed to the island. Please slow down to show the Welcome Crew on the causeway your wristband.

Organized bike rides will be led from the festival each day by the experienced team of cyclists at GORBA--Guelph Off Road Bicycling Association.  The rides back will go to the Hillside Downtown shuttle bus stop and will be fully on roads (Conservation Road to Victoria Road). The journey is approximately 35 minutes long. Please make sure your bike is in good working order, and helmets are strongly recommended. Anyone aged 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Each night: Please meet at 11:15 pm at the Bike Lot to ride back from the festival.  A police escort will guide us until we reach roads with streetlights.  We know you have a glowing personality, but if you don't also have bike lights and reflective tape on your bike, we won't be able to see you or take you along for the ride.  If you don't have lights and tape, you may purchase them at the Info Booth at Hillside, which is really close to the Bike Lot.  The City of Guelph's Active Transportation group, through its Bicycle-Friendly Guelph initiative, has kindly supplied reflective tape for Hillsiders and Cosmo Carere, who owns Speed River Bicycle on Wyndham, helped us source great bike lights for you.  You'll find both at the Info Booth.  Strap them to your bike and watch how it shimmers--just like you.