Hillside Festival 2019

July 12 – 14

2019 Theme: Stories That Need To Be Told

Stories That Need To Be Told

Hillside 2019's lineup features a talented, diverse, and ambitious collection of artists and performers who challenge the status quo, push boundaries with new ideas, and create art that inspires others through powerful songwriting and intriguing storytelling. We have over 50 performers representing a wide variety of genres, including Indie Rock, Folk, Electropop, R&B, Hip Hop, Dub/Punk, and World music.

This year, Hillside is championing the theme of Stories That Need To Be Told by recognizing the power of the artist to not only share the specificity and diversity of lived experiences, but also to disrupt, question, or introduce cultural narratives through their art.​

"All people are inextricably linked to one another; the impulse to exclude and “other” is always based in falsehood. This is a story we are hoping for. It is a story we are trying to tell." - Joyful Joyful

In many ways, the artists performing at Hillside have responded to the animosity of our world by utilizing their platform as an opportunity to transmit, reflect, or unveil stories of experience, history, unity, humanity, change, understanding, or division.  This year will be no different, as Hillside 2019 works celebrates and give space to a diversity of stories as we recognize many of these important stories go untold, or unheard, by mainstream media. 



Kicking off Season 3, our Marketing Coordinator, Taylor Chalupka sat down with the fellas at Bar 89 to discuss their excitement for Hillside 2019, but further address the importance of this year's theme, Stories That Need To Be Told.  Looking into the impact and reach of music to not only offer important stories to the world, but to offer stories of shared experience as well, it is exciting to think about all of the stories that will be told at Hillside 2019.



Dive into the first of three captivating podcast discussions surrounding the notion of Stories That Need To Be Told, with our good friends Ryan, Dan, and Steven at the Bar 89 Podcast .

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The Bar89 fella's call in with Bonnie Trash, a Guelph local "goth-noir avant-rock" band, and discuss the unique stories that fuel Bonnie Trash's unique sound, but also the stories emerge through their music.  It gets deep!

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Witness the Diversity of Stories That Need To Be Told

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​​   Mr. Ben - Stories That Need to be ToldWild Rivers - Stories That Need To Be Told