Mindfully Moving Forward

Presented by: Folk Music Ontario, Music Declares Emergency & Global Toronto

Folk Music Ontario is pleased to partner with Music Declares Emergency and Global Toronto for this month-long series of webinars focusing on Environmental Sustainability in the Music Industry. The lessons learned from these panels will be incorporated into discussions and roundtables at the Global Toronto conference in June 2021.

The Canadian music community plays a unique role in the Climate Emergency. Whether a performer or an industry professional, our actions have an impact on the ongoing climate crisis. Each of us has inextricable relationships with transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, construction, fashion, and other industries with large carbon footprints. In a community with a large intersection of social justice and environmental justice, it is impossible to ignore: this industry needs a significant and multi-faceted eco-overhaul.

So what can be done to mitigate our environmental impact? How can we best use this interruption to plan for a more mindful Canadian music industry?

Join us throughout the Month of May to learn how to make practical, effective and achievable steps towards environmental sustainability. 

Each session will focus on a different music industry role: Presenters, Performers, Places, and Partners. Sustainability leaders in each of these areas will speak to their experiences, facilitate discussions and share resources. This series will create space to support each other in this communal effort to reduce carbon emissions. 

The onus is on all of us as a community. Let’s use this pivotal moment to move forward mindfully! 

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Sustainable Presenters May 4, 2021
Putting on an event is no easy feat. And while the carbon footprint of events has long been known, it is very tough to manage, particularly for organizers who have their hands full juggling artists, fans, vendors, crew, volunteers & media. 

Now is the time to discuss the environmental impact of future events. What are we doing right, and what can be improved upon?  

Sustainable Performers May 11, 2021
It’s easy to think of polluting as a problem created by large organizations. The truth is, we all have a part to play. Whether it’s the transportation we use to tour or the electricity we use to record, we all create a carbon footprint, as do the fans who come to see our shows.  

As we look towards a future with open stages, how can we lessen our individual environmental impact? What can be done to ensure that we’re sharing our art in the most mindful way possible? 

Sustainable Places May 18, 2021
The magic of music is best enjoyed in the same room. Knowing this, venues around the world tailor their spaces to maximize the experience for both artist and fan. Recording studios go further, engineering space for specific tones, feels and emotions. As we move forward into a new world of performance, is there a way that we can incorporate sustainability into these places as well?

How can you ensure your business is operating as sustainably as it could be? What works, what doesn’t, and what can be changed moving forward? 

Sustainable Partners May 25, 2021

In these tumultuous times, we can be certain of one thing: events of the future will be different. Festivals and venues are moving towards a more eco-conscious way of doing business, and looking to work with organizations that are doing the same.

What can be done now and moving forward to mitigate your organizations’ environmental impact? How can you better align your operations with the values of those you want to work with? And what benefits can be reaped if we’re all in this together?

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