Jenn Grant Livestream!

With the seasons turning, Jenn Grant has her sights set on the holidays. Her forthcoming holiday record, Forever On Christmas Eve, is set to drop on November 27. Recorded during last year’s holiday season, the album is filled with Patsy Cline-style swagger and sees Jenn covering all of the classics, in addition to her own new original, Downtown on Christmas. “The holidays are nostalgic,” Jenn reflects. “We watch the same old movies, we hang the white and blue lights, and check in with each other on how it’s been. We miss our families, we fall in love, we find hope again in human kind. I’ve had over a decade of Christmases now with my partner Daniel Ledwell, and we made this album together last holiday season. We hope it gives you something to get into that special spirit, and we hope that our kids will always love this time of year as much as we do. May this be a keepsake for them and for you, as we all get older and watch the snow fall.”

To celebrate the release, Jenn will be giving a special live performance in her Halifax hometown at The Convention Centre on Sunday, December 6. While performing live in person at The Halifax Convention Centre, the show will also be livestreamed for all fans to enjoy. Jenn has also partnered with venues across Canada and will be doing a profit share of the show, in an act of solidarity with venues that she would normally be touring around this album’s release.

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