Getting the Word(s) Out!

Or How to Make Poetry Speak: A four-session spoken word poetry workshop with George Elliott Clarke

Over four Thursday eves
twixt 7 & 9, our connives
will invent stanzas, staves;
you’ll vent poetry that lives,
and shout Truth that moves—
all before winter arrives!

November 11: Lesson 1
What words are yours? Discovering the power of your own vocabulary.

November 18: Lesson 2
How are you, you? Unlocking the potential of your own bio.

November 25: Lesson 3
What say you? Or, there’s a morality to orality!

December 2: Lesson 4
Starring you!
Going steady with the page, being ready for the stage.

Prerequisite: Desire to write—and perform—poetry.
You will create a poem or several based on techniques of finding who you are and identifying your true concerns. These techniques are renewable for every poem. We will learn how to voice our feelings—in print and in public. Please attend all 4 classes.

About the Teacher
George Elliott Clarke, OC, ONS, is an internationally celebrated poet. One new work is a song co-authored with Shad, “Storm”.

Spoken Word Poetry Course

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