Get a free bandana!

How? Donate $20 or more in the month of May OR pledge to keep your tickets

We’re setting our sights on 2022 and hope you will too! We are rescheduling instead of cancelling so that all existing tickets will remain valid. We would love it if you keep your tickets for next year, and we’ll thank you with a gift of a 2021 festival bandana!


To receive your gift, you need to let us know by May 31st that you’re keeping your tickets. Send an email to Janet at [email protected] with the subject “Keeping my ticket!” If you purchased from Eventbrite, include your order number. If you purchased your ticket at the merch tent in 2019, then send us a photo that clearly shows the ticket number. Either way, be sure to include your mailing address so we can send you a 2021 bandana for each ticket that you’re keeping for 2022! Remember, this offer ends May 31st so don’t wait!


Donations of $20 or more during the month of May will be recognized with a free 2021 bandana! Visit our donation page to find ways to donate and the initiatives you can choose to support. If you don’t want to receive a free bandana, you can let us know by email ([email protected]).

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