Today, in a Tele-Town Hall meeting, Minister MacLeod said that “it is too early to tell” when restrictions on public gatherings will be lifted, and that when they are lifted, “it won’t be a political decision; it will be from the Chief Medical Officer of Health.”  And today, the Mayor of the Township of Guelph-Eramosa (where Guelph Lake Conservation Area—the site of our summer festival—resides), said in a phone conversation that they are “working in unison with the Grand River Conservation Authority, Public Health, and the provincial government” to determine timelines on a gradual return to normal and the lifting of restrictions on public gatherings.  We are being told that everyone will know more in “two or three weeks.” 

Currently, Guelph Lake Conservation Area is closed indefinitely.

In the meantime, the loss of life and the projected loss of life paint a heartbreaking picture of the impact of the coronavirus.  We have lost people we love, watched artists lose gigs and festivals cancel, and have watched so many people from every sector lose their jobs.  The suffering is brutal.  We know that none of us is invulnerable, and we know that each of us is capable of helping to stem the scourge.  The now-familiar litany of behaviours we’re expected to perform has never been more critical:  wash your hands for 20 seconds; stay 2 metres apart from others; don’t gather with anyone you don’t live with; have faith that these mitigation strategies will help.  They really will.

Through all of this, we have watched so many people step up:  frontline workers, politicians, manufacturers, artists.  We are moved by their courage and determination to help, grateful for their devotion to us all.  And we thank all of you for your patience and incredible support.  

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