Hillside Summer Festival 2014

July 25 – 27


Active Living

Modern Dance for Every Body
Georgia Simms

Sat 2 pm, Sun 6 pm

Curious about Modern Dance? This movement language, first developed in the early 1900s, is a dynamic and integrative way to explore your physical and spiritual power. Investigate the fundamental techniques, imagery, and philosophy that guide the practice and experiment with choreography to witness the possibility of dance as communication. Georgia is passionate about sharing her love of dance and guiding others to discover their dancing spirit.

Orienteering Scavenger Hunt
Lee Wisener

Sat 5 pm, Sun 1 pm

Experience Hillside in a new and different way. Using a specially marked Hillside Festival map and clues as a guide, you will hunt for the solutions that are hidden throughout the Festival grounds. Gather as many solutions as you wish. Participate by yourself, with a friend, as a group or as a family. Choose your preferred level of challenge. Participate more than once.

Sultry Summer Salsa
Amanda Winter

Sat 11am, Sun 3 pm

I can't keep calm, I'm salsa dancing!  Engage in an energetic, sultry dance. Add your own spicy style, while learning the fundamentals in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. Amanda has years of teaching and performance experience in this genre; all the better to get you moving those hips to this musically-driven dance style. No partner needed, just a pair of comfy shoes and a smile.

Acrobatic Partner Yoga
Emma Dines

Sat 3 pm, Sun 2 pm

Remember doing “airplane” when you were a kid? Acrobatic Partner Yoga takes flying on feet to new heights. Learn to backbend, twirl, balance and twist up high. We will practice with spotters for safety, but soon you will be easily lifting one another and balancing. No partner is necessary; we will work in groups to build strength and trust. queenstreetyoga.com

Hula Hooping
Wendy McDonnell

Sat 4 pm, Sun 11 am

Spin. Laugh. Sweat. Dance. Play. Learn beginner to intermediate skills and tricks. Get an amazing core workout. Bring your own hoop if you have like. Hoops are available if you need one.

Roller Derby Demystified
Cherry Paincakes

Sat 1 pm, Sun 4 pm

Roller derby is a fast-growing sport with opportunities for participants of all ages, but it can be bewildering for new fans and beginners. Join Guelph’s Royal City Roller Girls for a derby-specific off-skate workout designed to get you moving and ready to play. Get to know more about the sport we love and find out what our inclusive and supportive community has to offer. royalcityrollergirls.com

The Joy of Poi
Margie Johnson

Sat 6 pm, Sun Noon

Ever wonder about the spinning ribbons and lights that you see at the side of the stage? It’s called poi (rhymes with joy) and it’s a great way to have fun and get active. This traditional Maori dance from New Zealand is now done with fire, glow balls, flags, and more. Come out and learn basic and intermediate poi moves. Practice sets (tennis balls on rope) will be provided.

The One Hour Kung Fu Master
James Saper

Sat Noon, Sun 5 pm

Build your flexibility, speed, strength, and stamina with kung fu. We'll cover kicks, jumps, and cool poses while learning safe, fun training techniques. From Preying Mantis to Taiji, this will be a physically active, non-contact workshop. James has been training in Chinese martial arts for over 10 years. thelantern.tumblr.com

Body and Mind

Alexander Technique
Christel Herick

Sat 11 am, Sun 6 pm

The Alexander Technique is a century-old healing method that teaches you how to move your body more efficiently and freely — helping with muscle tension, back pain, repetitive stress injuries. Find out how it can help you increase your self-awareness, discover your habitual misuse, and how to correct it. This unique body-and-mind work transforms tension into energy, enhances performance, and improves overall well-being.

Backyard Medicine
Courtney Babcock

Sat Noon, Sun 4 pm

Using the plants that are found in your own backyard garden, discover the various medicinal powers that each holds, from stress relief to antimicrobial action and immune boosting power. Learn about the various ways to extract and use these healing properties and join my demonstration of making your own topical salve that can be used to sooth the skin, nails and lips.

Detox Rocks! How to Cleanse Your Body
Sarah Britton

Sat 3 pm, Sun 2 pm

Have you ever wanted to try a detox but weren’t sure how? Cleansing helps prevent and treat disease, aid weight loss, slow down the aging process, purify the organs, and clear your mind. Holistic Nutritionist Sarah Britton will guide you step-by-step into the often intimidating world of detoxification, where she clearly explains how cleansing works, what to expect, and everything you will need to try it at home yourself.

Discovering Encounter Language
Marianne Beacon

Sat 2 pm, Sun 5 pm

Encounter Language offers a model of communicating in difficult situations. Prevent the miscommunication or escalation that can happen by acknowledging and taking responsibility for the thoughts and feelings underlying the situation and really hearing and being heard. Say what you need to say in a non-threatening way. Works in professional and personal situations, often even if both parties are not familiar with the model.

Introduction to Thai Yoga Massage
Erin Bontius

Sat 5 pm, Sun Noon

Positively affect another person through the basic principles of Thai Yoga Massage (TYM), an ancient and intention-based form of bodywork that is far more than just a tactile experience. Sense how to manoeuvre people into passive yoga stretches and perform various massage techniques once there. Bring a friend or meet a new one to explore the healing touch of TYM. No yoga experience is required.


Kirtan: The Sound of the Soul Singing
Kris Fitzgerald

Sat 4 pm, Sun 1 pm

Kirtan meditation is the heartfelt singing & chanting of sacred mantras. Let the voices fill the atmosphere with transcendental sounds to fill our hearts with spiritual happiness, inspiration, and love. Come dance with us or sit and let your body sway to the music. Let the mantras take you on a journey to the spiritual world.

Kundalini Yoga
Ayrlie MacEachern

Sat 6 pm, Sun 1 pm

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic system combining breathing, movement, stretching, postures, meditation and relaxation. The techniques provide you with a lifetime of benefits and tools that allow you to maintain your flexibility, balance your glands, tone your muscles, and switch your mood, state of mind, and level of energy in a few minutes. We will dance our way into a kriya and chant our way out.

Mindfulness Meditation
Christine Wheeler

Sat 1 pm, Sun 3 pm

Meditation is the discovery of the innate intelligence of the body, emotions, thoughts, and the universe. In the beginning, meditation is a technique but later on it becomes an effortless state of being. Become familiar with the basics to transform life into a rich experience regardless of the circumstances.

Do It Yourself

The 50 Minute Knit-In
Ash Kearns

Sat 6 pm, Sun 1 pm

If you’ve got knitting needles at Hillside, or wish you did, we want to see you. The 50 Minute Knit-In unites knitters of all levels and all ages. Local designer and teacher Ash Kearns will demonstrate the basics of knitting, using giant yarn and needles. All materials are provided.  Teach someone to knit or learn to knit with a new friend. ashkearns.com

Backyard Archery - Budget Bows
Collin Foster

Sat 2 pm, Sun 4 pm

Learn the quick and easy steps to making an entry-level bow that won't hurt your wallet. Making your own bow can be fun, creative, and save you money. Archery can be enjoyed by people of all ages, anywhere. Get involved right here.


Fun, Free, Figure Drawing
Garth Laidlaw

Sat 4 pm, Sun noon

Come and stretch your artistic muscles as you learn about the fundamentals of drawing from a figure. Learn shortcuts to break down the complex activity into bite-sized pieces. If you can draw stick men, you can draw figures. No judgement of drawing skills in this workshop, we draw for fun here. It’s an all ages event, as the model will be in a bathing suit.


Needle Felted "Wind" Charms
Laura Murray

Sat 5 pm, Sun 2 pm

Create striking “wind” charms using the fun, easy technique of needle felting. Charms can be anything from leaves or feathers, to a simple design from your imagination. We’ll start by cutting out patterns from felt piece, add flare with vibrant wool roving, and finish by attaching it to a piece of yarn. Limited to 30 people, ages 12+. Please register outside the DIY tent the morning before the workshop.

Plastic Bag Basketry

Odessa Dobbie

Sat noon, Sun 3 pm

Each year, Canadians use over one billion plastic bags. Unfortunately, many of these bags find their way into the environment, creating an extreme danger to the ecosystem and its wildlife. Since plastic bags have not yet been eliminated, why not get creative in finding a solution to reuse them? Fun for all ages, come and learn how to weave your own unique plastic bag basket using the coiling technique.

Random Hacks of Kindness
Amberley Arnold

Sat 1 pm, Sun 5 pm

Do you know 15 different uses for hydrogen peroxide, how to de-fog your car and bathroom mirror permanently, or getting that stubborn stain out for good? Random Hacks of Kindness is the workshop for you to learn tried and tested techniques to make your life cleaner, cheaper and greener.

Silk Screening
Ben Luxton

Sat 11 am, Sun 6 pm

Come try your hand at silk screening. Start by making original stencils and then push paint through a screen and watch as the image is produced. This Hillside, take home a beautiful silk- screened print of your own design.

Turn Tees Into Totes
Jennifer Hardie

Sat 3 pm, Sun 11 am

Say “no” to plastic and up-cycle your favourite Hillside t-shirt (or any t-shirt) into a re-usable farmer’s market tote bag. It's fashionable, functional and you’ll be amazed at how many brussel sprouts you can stuff into one of these bags. Gather up those old favourite festival t-shirts that you can't bring yourself to toss and join this great no-sew workshop (some t-shirts provided).


(Un-)Sustainable Products
Steven Young

Sat 5 pm, Sun 2 pm

Be more deliberate in everyday living and shopping. Bio-based, recycled, low-carbon, light-weight, local, or green—what's more sustainable? Looking at a variety of familiar household products, we will examine the romance and the science of sustainable (and not-so-sustainable) products. Classic examples include plastic vs. paper bags, gasoline vs. electric cars, local vs. corn-fed beef, and fossil vs. bio-based materials.

Give Natural Dyes a Try
Emma Stainton

Sat noon, Sun 6 pm

Leftovers will never be the same. Discarded food scraps can be transformed using a simple process to create natural dyes in a spectrum of colours. Use that beet, red cabbage or half an onion to up-cycle clothing and other household textiles. Learn more and try your hand at natural dyeing using available hand-carved beet stamps. Reduce food waste, have fun, and make something new again.


From Sprawl to Small
Eden McLeod

Sat 6 pm, Sun 11 am

Discuss the how's and why's of housing densification. Learn design strategies for tiny homes, cohousing projects and more. Share your ideas of what dense housing could look like in the future. If you think the Western ideal of housing could use some radical change, come on out—it's your density!

Go Behind the Brands
Kelly Bowden

Sat 3 pm, Sun noon

The food industry affects millions of farmers worldwide. Will the biggest ten food and beverage companies do what it takes to change the world? We think they will—if we tell them to. Join us to find out the secrets of the food industry and take action to hold them accountable.

How to Start a Community Garden
Emily Slofstra

Sat 2 pm, Sun 4 pm

Is your neighbourhood missing something? Want to fill that vacant lot or empty park with a community garden? After a successful first season with a new community garden, Emily is eager to share her first-hand expertise. She’s gained knowledge on funding and regulations in KW, Guelph, and Toronto and has general tips for getting your hands dirty and not letting the paperwork drive you crazy.


Let's get into Micro-Farming
Meredith Sweeney

Sat 1 pm, Sun 3 pm

Vegetables, fruit, bees, chickens, and more—you don't need a farm to start growing and raising your own food. Learn more about the latest trend in small-scale agriculture. Micro-farming shrinks the techniques and methods used in organic farming and packs a powerful punch of production into a limited plot of land. Join in for a fun symposium on backyard micro-farming. Fill the pantry and downsize your carbon footprint.


Rain Gardens
Crystal Bradford

Sat 4 pm, Sun 1 pm

Soggy yard? Dry yard? Learn the many benefits of sending your rainwater into the ground instead of the ditches or sewers. We will discuss the start-to-finish process of making a rain garden, including how to size your garden, how to find appropriate plants, and how to maintain it. Rain gardens are great for reducing contamination in the natural waterways, as well as recharging your groundwater.

Saving our Seeds
Aaron Lyons

Sat 11 AM, Sun 5 PM

An introduction to home-scale seed saving. Learn the basics without the fluff. Maybe it's a family heirloom or a vegetable you just can't find anywhere or anymore. Learn to save and maintain your favourite varieties or breed some of your own. Understand the importance of genetic diversity from your own backyard. Learn the differences between open-pollinated, hybrid, and GMO seed, and how seed impacts our lives and culture. hawthornfarm.ca



Body Collage: Our Storied Selves
Rebecca Melville

Sat 6 pm, Sun noon

Explore the stories you carry in your body: in your feet as you walk, your hands as you gesture, and your mind as you interact with the world. Using a variety of materials, we will create ‘body collages’—stories illustrated on body outlines—that allow us to delve into our histories and become mindful of our ways of connecting with those around us. Expect art, memory, and laughter.

Holidays by Bike!
Peter Lipscombe

Sat 2 pm, Sun 6 pm

Cycling holidays are a fantastic way to get re-acquainted with the world around you. It's faster than walking, but also way more intimate than travelling by car. Plus, it’s sustainable and healthy, too. Come share ideas about how to plan your own cycle vacation, learn what to bring, gain simple bike maintenance knowledge, and exchange tips for fun places to ride in Ontario.

GapYah 101
Eric Charron-Peters

Sat 5 pm, Sun 2 pm

What's a GapYah? Its a Gap Year! A year to get out, learn about the world and yourself, and have fun in the sun! You'll learn how easy it is to plan your own trip of a lifetime, from someone who's just done it. You'll leave this workshop with a great sense of what the world has for you to discover, and you'll be armed with tips and insider advice of your very own.

Basic Conflict Mediation
Martin Sneath

Sat 11 am, Sun 3 pm

This is an interactive workshop laying out the sources of conflict, the issues of the mediator, tools available to the mediator, and how to achieve successful outcomes.

Men and Feminism
Jonah Hundert

Sat noon, Sun 5 pm

Come together to discuss and explore the role that men play in the struggle for gender equality and the fight to end gender violence. This workshop is designed for men who want to play an active role in practicing and promoting feminism in their community, as well as confronting and dismantling patriarchy. All are welcome.

Moving From Idea to Reality
Mike Morrice
Sat 1 pm, Sun 4 pm

Do you have a "crazy idea" that would make your community more vibrant, healthy or sustainable? Does it still only exist in your head? Join others from the Hillside community interested in bringing similarly exciting ideas to life: we'll be inspired by one another, we'll discuss tactics for realizing these ideas, we'll share our plans, and we'll each walk away one step closer to being part of rebuilding our communities.

The Birth Toolbox
Erica Shelley

Sat 3 pm, Sun 1 pm

Is there a baby coming into your life soon? Fill up your birth toolbox with acupressure points, massage techniques, a rebozo, and other tools to increase the odds of having a productive labour. Erica has been a doula for 13 years, bringing beautiful, healthy babies into the world and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with you. Bring a yoga mat or towel with you.

The Fine Art of Great Hugs
Jalen Séguin

Sat 4 pm, Sun 11 am

Have you ever wondered what makes some hugs better than others? Great hugs are an amazing way to foster positive connections with people. Together we’ll explore the anatomy of a great hug so that you can increase your comfort and confidence with sharing positive welcome touch. Come practice valuable, relating skills in a fun and playful atmosphere, and maybe even make new friends.

Performing Arts

Bossanova Fundamentals
Drew McIvor

Sat 4 pm, Sun noon

Explore the fundamentals of that swinging sixties style of music that swept a generation. Enjoy a fun and fully interactive hour learning about the components that build that beautiful sound: the rhythms that can be played on simple percussion, the bass, guitar structure, and the floating melodies achieved with voices in unison and harmony.


Songwriting for Absolute Beginners
Murray Foster

Sat 1 pm, Sun 5 pm

An introduction to the art and craft of songwriting for people who have never written a song before and don't know how to play an instrument. Learn how the pros approach songwriting, test your musical ear against other attendees, and write your first lyrics in small groups.

Effortless Singing for All! 
Brenda Freed

Sat 5 pm, Sun 11 am

Participants will learn Brenda Freed’s singing techniques to increase vocal range and stamina, improve pitch and tone, and safely project the voice. All ages and people with different levels of singing experience will have fun experimenting with the belly breath and the fun ‘smile lip pucker lift’, even those with “I can’t sing” syndrome. The only prerequisite is the desire to improve one’s singing. Includes group and individual instruction. BrendaFreed.com/teaching 

Improvisation and Life: Drama Games and Philosophy
Danielle(Bea) Jolley

Sat 3 pm, Sun 1 pm

Come play drama and improv games while connecting the art of improvisation with how you live your life. You will learn the Way of Improv and how the ideas and rules that professional improvisers use in spontaneous theatre can help you in life.  Whether you have tons of drama experience or none at all, come play and explore with us while we make things up and have fun.

Loop There It Is
Liam Kijewski

Sat 2 pm, Sun 3 pm

This workshop is a collaborative sound collage experiment. Using a basic looping pedal and microphone, we will create beautiful, sometimes horrible, but nonetheless wonderful pieces of community audio art.

Radio 101
Kim Logue

Sat noon, Sun 4 pm

Want to be on the radio? Join us to tell listeners why you love horses or radio or Hillside. Hoofbeats radio show founder and host Kim Logue will demonstrate the use of three types of recording devices and share information—from how to get started as a volunteer at CFRU to tips for improving your podcast or radio show content and outreach—while recording participant's voices for future broadcast.

A Story. A Story.
Sya VanGeest

Sat 11 am, Sun 6 pm

Finding, shaping, and telling a story is an enjoyable, much-admired, inter-cultural, and inter-generational art-form. We are hard-wired to be storytellers. Sya will lead activities suitable for novice storytellers and for seasoned veterans. Learn how to select a story for telling, how to learn it, and the do's and don'ts of delivery. guelpharts.ca/storytellers/

Write Your Own Spoken Word Piece
Tanya Neumeyer

Sat 6 pm, Sun 2 pm

Have you ever wanted to try this expressive form of poetry? Using a variety of writing techniques, Tanya will help you put new ideas on paper as you write alongside others. You’ll have a chance to share your new work informally through fun performance exercises. tanyaneumeyer.com


Things We Eat

Food Forest For Us!
Paul Wartman

Sat 4 pm, Sun noon

Grow your own fruits, nuts, herbs, and veggies with less work. Come learn the regenerative practice of Food Forests and leave with the knowledge to plant your own. We’ll break down some barriers to observation, share styles of design, and lay out some functional polyculture combinations. Paul from Many Rivers Permaculture is studying principles in Food Forest practices at the University of Guelph. Please bring a pen. WeAreManyRivers.ca

Getting Fizzy With It
Niki Popper

Sat 3 pm, Sun 2 pm

Learn to make homemade carbonated beverages with simple ingredients. See the steps involved in making your own pop using a healthy home-fermentation technique. Drinks like kombucha and ginger beer are easy to make. Come to have a sample, learn how to brew your first batch, and find out how to make your own ginger bug so you can enjoy healthy and delicious beverages.

Grow Your Own Beer
James Donnelly

Sat 1 pm, Sun 3 pm

Step away from industrial agriculture and put your barley in your backyard. An enlightening, accessible experience for all types of gardeners and beer enthusiasts. Learn to grow, harvest, dry, malt, kiln, and store barley and hops with small-scale, permaculture-based methods. A practical and personalized approach to producing the staples of beer led by a multigenerational small-scale farmer and brewer.

Growing Sprouts in Your Home Kitchen
Adam Popper

Sat 6 pm, Sun 11 am

Learn about the cheapest and easiest way to eat healthy and local year-round. Learn the benefits, basic history, and science of sprouting. Expose yourself to the options for materials, the kinds of seeds you can use, and what to use them for. Participants will go home with a free starter kit including materials, handy how-to's, recipe ideas, and resources. Adam has been home sprouting and teaching workshops for 10+ years.

Home Coffee Roasting
Matthew James

Sat noon, Sun 5 pm

Learn to roast coffee at home and discover a sensual practice just as satisfying as enjoying the perfect cup. Home coffee roasters save money and can enter into a more ethical engagement with a product whose global circulation has been problematic. This old-world method is a beautiful ritual, once common in homes around the world yet all but lost to technological shifts and changes in social values.

Home Made Raw Chocolates
Rodrigo Goller

Sat 11 am, Sun 4 pm

Let's explore the magic of raw chocolate making. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge to make healthy, delicious chocolate from simple, raw ingredients, easily and without expensive equipment. We will use all vegan ingredients and explore making different varieties of chocolate.


Kefir for Trade!
Kayla Siefried

Sat 2 pm, Sun 6 pm
Discover how to make your own cultured kefir and kombucha while talking about the delicious and seriously nutritious delicacies that are these fermented foods. Realize that they continue to reproduce and create starter cultures that you can barter and trade with others in return for whatever the exchanger can gift, and often whatever you desire. Bartering ferments is a brilliant way to create alternative economies, camaraderie, and mutual benefit.

Preserving The Seasons
Elisabeth Schieck

Sat 5 pm, Sun 1 pm

Want to learn how to preserve fruits and veggies but intimidated by the process? It’s easier than you think. Come and learn how to start making your own jams, salsas, pickles, ketchup, and more. Get cozy with the equipment, learn the do’s and don’ts of canning, and find out why you can’t always follow grandma’s recipe. You’ll leave with recipes and the itch to get started.

Youth Committee Presents (in the green space)

The Art of Mindful Slacklining
Kevin McDermott

Sat 11 am, Sun 2 pm

Many of us turn to yoga, exercise or meditation to quiet our minds and be more in the present. Slacklining—balancing on a thin piece of webbing—is an alternative, mindful practice that improves balance, exercises your core and stabilizer muscles, and offers biofeedback when our minds wander. All are welcome in this workshop to give it a try, learn new techniques, and explore the mindful aspects of slacklining.


Can’t improve without improv 
Dakota Carrie

Sat 4 pm, Sun 11 am

Come one, come all to the introduction to improvisation workshop that will change your life. Take this chance to be weird with strangers: learn how to project, how to accept, and above all, how to have a good time.