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Below is a list of all the workshops being offered at Hillside 2017. Final times and details will be announced with the releasing of the official schedule. All programming is subject to change. 



  • SACRED FIRE : For centuries, people have gathered around Sacred Fires to pray into tobacco, one of the four sacred medicines of Anishnaabe Peoples.  The smoke from the Sacred Fire carries their prayers to the Creator.  All are welcome to visit. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are allowed since this is sacred space.  Please do not visit unless sober.  Chi miigwetch!
  • CHILDREN’S SPIRIT STICK CIRCLE : In traditional Anishnaabe Teachings, we respect all of Creation as having its own unique Spirit and purpose on Mother Earth.  Children will engage in conversation about their personal Spirits and will create a Spirit Stick to reflect their uniqueness.  This Circle is intended for children 5 years and up.  Children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult. A maximum of 15 participants. Please register at the Aboriginal Circle.
  • FLINT KNAPPING : Learn the art of creating stone points and tools using basic traditional materials including Arkansas Chert. Participants will learn history associated with this important First Nations survival skill, and will create an arrowhead.  Due to the nature of the experience, this activity is for children 7 years and up accompanied by an adult with a maximum of 6 hands-on spaces.  Others are welcome to observe!  Please register at the Aboriginal Circle.
  • THE POWER OF WORDS : Kip, an ally and spiritual brother, will offer a Sharing Circle using personal experiences to express spirituality, emotions and thoughts, using written or spoken word and other arts to share our perceptions of our truth.  Participants will explore and share ways in which they express themselves connecting spirit, heart, body and mind.  Paper and writing utensils will be available, but feel free to bring personal journals, notebooks, and other inspirations!
  • EARTH WARRIOR YOGA :Participants will honour Mother Earth by connecting to the four directions, four elements, and their own unique spirits in mindfulness, meditation, and movement as a form of inspiring them to become Earth Warriors.  Share the joy of spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental unity!
  • STORYTIME WITH NOKOMIS : Relax in the peaceful energy of the Tipi while Nokomis Grandmother reads First Nations, Métis and Inuit stories.  This is a great way to take a break from the busy festival.  Children under 7 years to be accompanied by an adult.
  • MÉTIS DOT ART : This art form is based on work by Métis visual artist Christi Belcourt who transferred the style of Métis beadwork to canvas.  Participants in this Circle will be invited to create a personal design on a Grandfather rock.  Children under 7 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.  Maximum of 15 participants.  Please register at the Aboriginal Circle.
  • WOMEN’S DRUM CIRCLE : Members of Wiiji Numgumook Kwe, the Guelph Women’s Drum Circle, will welcome all women and female-identified folk to join them in raising their voices in thanksgiving and celebration. Grandmothers Drums are provided.  No experience necessary. 
  • WATER CEREMONY: Water is Life!  Join members of the Aboriginal Circle to honour and to give thanks to the waters from which we are born and that sustain all living beings.  Everyone welcome.
  • COMMUNITY DRUM CIRCLE: Raise your voices and help create a balance of energies with drummers of all ages at the Sacred Fire!  Everyone is welcome.
  • SUNRISE CEREMONY: Grandmothers from the Aboriginal Circle invite people who are camping on the island to join them for a ceremony to welcome the day and to set the intention for another Hillside experience. Please arrive at the Sacred Fire by 6:00 am
  • WOMEN’S SHARING CIRCLE : Women will experience a Smudging Ceremony to help calm their minds and prepare them to share a part of their life’s journey.  Participants will be invited to gift one another with personal wisdom during this traditional Sharing Circle.



  • Partner Yoga Workshop with LIVE Drumming! : Partner yoga is a unique experience of connecting, breathing and having fun with other human beings! By practicing, you become in tune with your partner's mind, body, and breath. It is a great way to make new friends and challenge your body in a safe and friendly way. In this workshop, we will be practicing partner yoga exercises, partner meditation, and introductory acro-yoga
  • Capoeira Angola : Wake up harmonizing your universe with the multiverses of reality. In the ancient way of gathering in a circle, we will wake our bodies up by introducing some of the most fundamental movements of Capoeira as we get ready for another wonderful Hillside day. Once we are slightly more familiar with the movements, we will all head to the Drum & Dance Tent where we will continue our journey. 
  • Afro House : This workshop combines Afro-Cuban dance movements including Rumba, Guaguanco, and Salsa, with an infusion of House. The movements are inspired by the drum beats from Africa and Central America. Your mind and body will be challenged to move in unique ways, to show you that dance movements can transcend any given dance style.
  • Drum Playshop : Have you ever wanted to experience rhythm at a whole new level? Group drumming is one of the most powerful tools to connect with our inner drummer and learn to express ourselves through rhythm. This drum playshop will allow participants to try various world percussion instruments (drums, shakers, bells, etc.) while learning to jam in a cohesive way with others. Beginners welcome!
  • Bellydance, Music and Movement : Instructors, Nicole and Mary of Invoketress Dance Company, will guide participants through a series of creative movement and belly dance techniques accompanied by live music and percussion with local musicians, Brent Rowan and Gary Diggins. After learning some dance and movement vocabulary, participants will enjoy moving and dancing to live ambient music. Mary and Nicole will encourage and dance with participants throughout the experience.
  • Koredjuga/Komodenu : Join the Funga Drummers to learn the three dunun parts for this traditional West African rhythm. The Koredjuga are jesters that "disturb" festive celebrations in a similar fashion to the East Coast's mummers. This rhythm is played during their appearance and komodenu is the song that accompanies the rhythm.
  • The Anatomy of Rhythm : Like the human body, there are many parts to rhythm that make up the whole.  Join Tom as he explores the mind-body-spirit connection through rhythm and drumming.
  • Tribal Yoga Flow : Yoga is an ancient practice used to balance the physical, mental and spiritual self, uniting the body and breath. Join ‘The Mantra Movement’ as we use yogic postures and techniques to discover this union within ourselves. Move to the tribal sounds of the drum, didgeridoo, flute, and voice in a live soundscape designed to complement the natural rhythm of our bodies.
  • Ceilidh Dance : Join members of the Guelph Celtic Orchestra in an all-ages Ceilidh Dance workshop! You will be walked through the steps of each dance by an experienced caller, then put your moves to live music, consisting of toe-tapping jigs and reels. 
  • RHYTHMANIA : The magical spirit of drumming and rhythm transcends all ages, gender, religions, races, and cultures. Drum circles have the power to heal and empower, to foster unity and community, and to liberate our primal souls. Learn to take risks, shed inhibitions, deepen your listening skills, release your passion, and come to respect silence, space, and sound. Come share in a collective celebration of life through rhythm!
  • Alive to Your Sweetest Edge : If you love to move, come experience the joys of contact improv! It is a form of dance that has you communicating with others through movement, by deep body intelligence, and through honouring the physical and emotional space around you. This dance is rooted in an anchor of self-trust, and it is about finding yourself through movement. All are welcome.
  • Lamba: A Wedding Celebration : We will focus our drum energy on Lamba rhythm from Guinea. After learning and blending accompaniment parts on Jembe and Dundun, we will have the opportunity to learn an original introduction break as well as some solo phrases. This workshop welcomes all ages and skill levels.
  • The Spirit Drum 101 : Join Tanya Porter as she introduces you to the amazing Spirit Drum! Learn how to play this unique melodic drum, explore group composition, and bask in the sound healing vibrations of 432hz. (Spirit drums provided.)    
  • Contemporary Dance Workshop : A fun and active contemporary dance workshop with live drumming. Focus will be on finding intuitive kinesthetic movement, musicality, and the joy of movement found through contemporary dance. Come prepared to move, express, find dynamic physical power!
  • Drumming and Singing : Ever been drumming and wanted to sing a song at the same time, and found yourself struggling? Playing and singing at the same time is a huge leap for most musicians. This class breaks down the how-to's into simple steps that make it possible! All styles of drums and all voices are welcome. This class may be best suited for those with an intermediate level of experience.
  • CHAKRA GROOVE : With the rhythmic pulse of the drums to guide us, we’ll explore these radiant wheels of energy in our bodies known as Chakras. Using sound and movement as our primary tools, we’ll travel up the body from root to crown, drawing upon the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space. Knowledge of the Chakras is not required, as the qualities of each will be shared as we go.
  • THE CONUNDRUM: The Conundrum is a unique interactive instrument that can be played by as many as 16 people at one time for one joyous harmonious experience. It has been described as an "iconic Canadian musical instrument" and has been on tour throughout the country. The Conundrum will be in various locations throughout the weekend. Join in with other drumming enthusiasts or shed your inhibitions and free your inner drummer for the first time.



  • Slacklining : Similar to tightrope walking, but involves balancing on a thin piece of climbing webbing. It improves balance, exercises core muscles, and forces us to concentrate on our minds and bodies, to be present and mindful. Beginners and experts are welcome to come for a brief lesson, then you’re invited to just watch, try it out, or give advice to others. 2" and 1” lines will be available.
  • The Joy of Poi : Spinning poi is a great way to get moving to the Hillside beat! Poi spinning originated as a traditional Maori dance in New Zealand, and it is now practiced around the world with ribbons, fire, glow balls, and more. We'll be using tennis ball sets to learn a variety of basic poi moves and we’ll see how we can weave these moves together.
  • Partner Acro Yoga : Explore the synergies between alignment, balance, and breath through acro and partner yoga. We will use trust and communication to play and support one another in learning an acro yoga flow, counterbalances and therapeutic partner stretches. No partner needed; just a desire to learn and connect with others in an inclusive and fun environment. Open to all levels of experience.
  • Dancehall Fusion : A fun and fierce blend of dancehall, reggae and belly-dance that will get your heart pumping and your feet thumping! Siyobin will teach you how to twerk, wine and jiggle! We will explore our creativity through dance games and will also learn a short choreography to an upbeat dancehall song.
  • Mapping Hillside : How can you use a get lost? By exploring places differently, we might see things we've never noticed before! Learn about psycho-geography and the art of map-making and then create your own unconventional map of Hillside (like "The Smells of Hillside", or "Laughing hotspots"). We will share our maps, and provide festival-goers with different ways to think about the places we inhabit together.
  • Playing with Tai Chi Push Hands: Get grounded, keep flexible. Assert yourself, but stay relaxed. Push Hands is a two-person exercise, getting your partner off balance without losing your own stability. Using Tai Chi principles of yielding, it is equal parts conflict resolution, self-discovery and play. Expect a hands-on session requiring respectful partner work and light-hearted assertiveness. James has been practicing Chen style Tai Chi for over 15 years.
  • Hula Hoop Dancing! : Ever wanted to start hoop dancing? Know how to waist hoop and want to expand your on and off body hooping skills? Want to dance fully and find your own bliss within a plastic circle? Find creativity, inspiration, and flow in this workshop about the basics of hula hoop dance. Together we will learn simple and complex hula hoop techniques from isolations, shoulder hooping, rolls, folds, and much more. Anyone can hula hoop!
  • Out-Trip Basics : Love camping and want to leave the car behind? Ready to step off the beaten path, but not sure where to start? I'll introduce you to the basics of backcountry backpacking and canoeing. I'll cover the essential gear, how to plan your route, and tips for eating well. Next time you hear the call of the wild, you’ll feel confident in planning your first trip!
  • Body Astrology : Did you know that each Astrological sign is associated with a section of the body? Come explore how the planets and solar system were mapped over the body in traditional Astrology. Through sensory play connect with the cardinal directions as they map over your visual fields. Fire, earth, air & water become modes of attention that offer different ways of being present.



  • Accupressure for Wellbeing : Acupressure can help increase blood flow to stagnant tissues and open up energy pathways to ease pain and stress. Learn how to locate and use acupressure points to aid in balancing every day issues. Receive a set of easy-to-follow diagrams and a link to Bonnie’s YouTube channel so you can remember what you learned.
  • Singing as Meditation : Join us for an hour of meditating through singing, noise making, and joining our voices together to build something new. No singing skills required, all voices are welcome. Sing, hum, clap or just listen. Let's create something together.
  • Mind over Medicine: Learn to recognize the body's innate ability for self-repair and appreciate how we can control these self- healing mechanisms with the power of the mind. This workshop will present scientific data proving that loneliness, pessimism, depression, fear and anxiety damage the body leading to illness while intimacy, gratitude, meditation and authentic self-expression flip on the healing process.  Join me in harnessing the power of the mind.
  • Hands-On Bliss : Join us for this relaxing, interactive and informative workshop where you'll pamper your hard-working hands. You'll acquire techniques to provide a thorough hand massage (and receive one yourself while learning!). Come alone or with a friend, and take home a useful skill that you can share with friends and family for years to come.
  • Postural Matters : This workshop will give you an opportunity to stretch and move through some of the (very worthwhile) aches and pains of Hillside. Sore shoulders from sleeping on the ground? Low back pain from standing in the crowd all afternoon? We will move through some basic yoga asana (poses) and talk about simple posture corrections to minimize soreness for the rest of the weekend (& life!).
  • Thai Massage : Guess whose back? Come learn more about this ancient, energy-packed and intention-based form of bodywork, as well as how to tap into the abundance of the universe to both give and receive loving kindness. Bring a friend or meet a new one here and I guarantee you will leave this workshop full of metta, feeling blissfully rejuvenated, with messy hair and a smile on your face!
  • On Stage Zen: Cool. Calm. Collected. That's how you want to feel when stepping out in front of a crowd. Join yoga teacher and performer, Mairin Smit, to learn how meditation can help you put your best foot forward on stage. We'll explore 3 simple meditations: one pre-performance, one for onstage overwhelm, and one for cooling down post-performance. This workshop is useful for anyone who presents publicly (speakers, teachers etc.)!
  • Mindfulness : Mindfulness is where we start gaining awareness of how things are, seeing for oneself that which is present and true. Mindfulness has a quality of fullness and impeccability, bringing our full attention to each moment. When we are mindful, there is a quality of being wholeheartedly present for any activity whether work, school or relationship. Through focus, we begin to sense a new freedom in every aspect of our life.



  • Fermented Effervescent Bliss : Making Kombucha is an inexpensive, environmental way to provide you with nourishment for body and soul. Learn the basics, explore various recipes and leave the workshop ready to set up your own fermentation system at home with simple ingredients and supplies. Are you a Kombucha fan? Never tried it and are curious what the craze is about? Either way this workshop is for you.
  • Camping Kitchen : Knowing how to prepare a camping pantry and plan delicious meals can make a big difference on a camping trip. This hands-on, practical workshop will outline easy tricks and great recipes to set you up for stellar backcountry meals.
  • Happy Houseplants : You don't have to blow all your cash at the garden centre to fill your home with blooms and foliage! Join Em, a house plant enthusiast who has successfully parented hundreds of succulents and tropical plants in her apartment, to learn the basics of plant propagation: making babies from existing plants! We'll also do houseplant speed dating to find the perfect plants for you and your space.
  • Grow Your Own Beer : Step away from industrial agriculture and put your barley in your backyard. An enlightening and accessible experience for all types of gardeners and beer enthusiasts. Learn to grow, harvest, dry, malt, kiln and store barley and hops with small-scale, permaculture-based methods. A practical and personalized approach to producing the staples of beer led by a multigenerational small-scale farmer and brewer.
  • Stone Craft 101: There are so many projects you can take on with just a few basic principles in mind. Stone junkie Drew McIvor will teach you about mortar, dry-stacking stones, cutting and placing stones, composition, and jointing for projects like flagstone, pizza ovens, walls, ornamental features and more.
  • Bike Basics : Come on out to learn the ABCs of tuning your own bike, including how to patch a tube, test your brakes and bearings, build a basic ride repair kit, and check that your bike is safe to ride. Get better acquainted with your bike’s personality and learn how to show your love in this awesome introduction to bike mechanics for cyclists of all levels of knowledge.
  • Cocoa Crazy : We live in a chocolate obsessed society. Canadians consume over 6.4 kilos of chocolate annually. Many of us don't think about the process and chocolate’s historical significance among indigenous people of Central America. Mainstream chocolate is unethically and unsustainably produced. Understanding what we consume; its roots and how it’s made, compliments sustainable practices. Come learn the significance of the cocoa plant, chocolate making and how a bean affects our world.
  • Microgreens!: Microgreens can be grown all year long, without artificial lights or fancy equipment, and are amazingly nutritious! Come and learn the growing process from planting to harvesting. Learn best practices for growing all varieties of Microgreens: Sunflower, pea, alfalfa, broccoli, arugula, kale, mustard, choi, daikon. See and taste all sorts of Microgreens at this hands-on workshop and get ready to get a bit dirty



  • Slacklining: Similar to tightrope walking, but involves balancing on a thin piece of climbing webbing. It improves balance, exercises core muscles, and forces us to concentrate on our minds and bodies, to be present and mindful. Beginners and experts are welcome to come for a brief lesson, then you’re invited to just watch, try it out, or give advice to others. 2" and 1” lines will be available.
  • Orienteering Scavenger Hunt : Experience Hillside in a new and different way. Using a specially marked Hillside Festival site map and clues as a guide you will hunt for the solutions that are hidden throughout the hillside festival site. Gather as many solutions as you wish. Participate by yourself, with a friend, as a group, or as a family. Choose your preferred level of challenge. Participate more than once



  • Body, Mind, Paint : Need a creative outlet? Come together in the spirit of Hillside! We will begin the session with a group chant and blessing. We will then unite with others in our love-inspired community to dabble in a little body art using natural, non-toxic body paints infused with essential oils. Creative bliss! 
  • Laugh It Up! : Laughter tones the body, deepens the breath, clears the mind and releases endorphins - the happy hormones! But most adults don't laugh nearly enough to receive these benefits. To make sure we do, Dir. Kataria developed Laughter Yoga in India in 1995. Come experience playful, joyful, mindful ways to laugh together and connect with each other. The grand finale: an extended Laughter Meditation.
  • Kissing Games : Bring your sweetie(s) for guided kissing games where participation is strongly encouraged! Learn what makes kissing fun then practice new ways to tease, please, and communicate through this art. You’ll leave with skills for slowing it down and heating it up in ways you can keep enjoying later. Arrive with at least one partner, or show up a little early to find others looking to meet someone new.
  • 5Love Languages : A couples’ therapist noticed that partners would come in, both saying, "I just give and give and they just take." But how could both be constantly giving and somehow also constantly taking?! As they probed further they discovered the 5 Love Languages, a way to understand the people in your life and how to hit the mark in expressing appreciation and care. Not just for partners, helpful for all relationships.
  • Gratitude : Gratitude can help to give us a clearer perspective of how we see our lives through both good and hard times. We will take a focused look to expand your understanding of what gratitude is, the science behind it, and why it’s worth practicing. We will also explore how and when we feel gratitude, as well as how to practice and build it up as a skill.
  • Creating Access4All : The language and symbolism that we use today reflects our current lack of understanding about people with disabilities. Our current access symbol features a person using in a wheelchair, but less than 10% of people with disabilities actually use wheelchairs. Together with co-presenter Laura Storey, attendees of all ages will be guided through a fun and interactive design process to co-develop a symbol that is inclusive of all abilities.
  • Nature Connection : Current research is demonstrating what many people intuitively know: we need contact with nature for our wellbeing.  However, our modern lives provide limited opportunities to access these benefits.  Come learn proven practices that you can integrate into your life to awaken your senses and cultivate deep nature connection. 
  • Journaling Joy : Perhaps you have always wanted to journal but don't know how, feel you don't have time, or find it pointless. Have you wondered what to write about? In this workshop, we will discuss, explore, write and consider the value of the journaling process. Discover how journaling can be rewarding, fun, creative, and an important tool for self-discovery and personal expression.



  • Uke Tunes : Once again this year, please join an informal, friendly song circle focused on the ukulele. Not just for kids, this fun little instrument can be played with just one hour of effort... Bring your own uke, or borrow one, and participate with your voice, a smile, an instrument or even a song to share!
  • Sing Stress Away : Singing as part of a group is a safe, fun way to release physical & emotional tension. We’ll play with different ways of singing together and take away ideas to keep the music going. No previous singing experience required.
  • ATS Belly-dance: American Tribal Style (ATS) is an un-choreographed group dance form where dancers will learn a shared dance vocabulary. Following an interchangeable leader and cues, you will use the shared dance vocabulary to create synchronized group dance. Anyone who learns the vocabulary can dance with anyone else who has learned it, regardless of it they've even met, creating spontaneous dance art on the spot.
  • Digeridoo : The didgeridoo is one of the oldest instruments in the world. Once obscure it is now becoming a staple in many modern musical forms. Open to all skill levels, a limited number of practice instruments will be available. Come and explore this unique and amazing instrument.
  • Hillside Photos : Want to learn more about photography? Bring your camera or smart phone to this workshop and learn some basics of composition and lighting before doing some shooting and sharing your images with the group. Learn about how to store and share your pictures. You will then be let loose on the festival with a fun-filled scavenger hunt designed to help you explore Hillside through the lens of camera.
  • Improv For Joy! : Laughter is a shared experience that creates strong bonds. When we come together in the spirit of play, we leave more open, happy and connected people. The practice of improvisation sparks creativity, enhances our ability to listen and collaborate together with positivity. By the end of this workshop you’ll be letting the squirrel (your creativity) out of the garage (its cage) and beginning to understand the absolute joy of improv.
  • Sketching People! : Bring your pencils and pens for this workshop, as we’ll be learning to sketch the world around us. You’ll develop an ability to observe others, and sketch them in a loose, non-technical way. We’ll be going through what details are important and which aren’t in a quick sketch. After this exercise you’ll feel comfortable to quickly sketch your favourite Hillside moments and showing it to others.
  • African Lullabies : Get ready to sing, dance and practice your language skills! Wise Atangana will introduce traditional lullabies that hail from his village in Cameroon - each has a story behind it and will be performed in both English and French. Participants will be provided with lyrics and traditional instruments and Wise will introduce some dance steps to add to the fun! Any babies or children should be supervised by an adult.

On this, National Aboriginal Day...

June 21, 2017

Did you know that today is a Statutory Holiday in both the Northwest Territories (since 2001) and in the Yukon (as of May 2017). That leaves ten provinces and a territory, not to mention the federal goverment, which have not made it a holiday. What are you doing today? Chances are that you are going to work and you're not going to think much more about it past this newsletter. Which is kind of the problem isn't it?

Workshop Sneak Peek!

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Waterstock! June 11, 2017

May 17, 2017

After 10 years of diligent work to protect source water in Ontario, Waterstock is the rallying point to send a strong message to Premier Wynne to protect our water against corporate control ...

NEW Toronto Shuttle Bus

May 17, 2017

We’re trying something new this year! We’re offering a shuttle bus to all of our Toronto friends who need a lift from the big city out to the island! We'll pick you up at the Dufferi...

I ♥ Beer Festival

April 28, 2017

Come join us this Saturday afternoon, 3-10 PM, for the I ♥ Beer Festival taking place at the Sleeman Center in downtown Guelph. Hillside will be there giving you an exclusive sneak pe...

Member in Focus : Rachel Tomlinson

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  Hillside Festival: What drew you to Hillside in the first place?  Rachel Tomlinson: My parents started taking me to Hillside as a little one and I have so many great memories of runn...

Monica Lalas on her 2017 Artwork!

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2017 Guelph Fab Five

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Terra Lightfoot joins BROS bill!

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Hey hey, we still have some tricks up our sleeves.  We're pleased to announce that Hamilton guitar-slinger Terra Lightfoot has just been added as an opener for the BROS show...

Q + A with Steve Poltz

February 1, 2017

One of our all-time favourites, Steve Poltz has made a huge impression on Hillside audiences. He's a little bit wild and a little bit sweet and one of the most accomplished contemporary ...


December 9, 2016

We love talking about and implementing Green Initiatives, not just at Hillside, but also in our everyday lives, year-round. Show us the sustainable ways you're celebrating this festive month and y...

We're a Registered Charity Now

December 7, 2016

We’re proud to officially announce Hillside Community Festival became a registered charity this year. We are graciously asking friends of the festival to Help Hillside Flourish this holiday seas...

Our Annual 2016 Holiday Sale!

December 7, 2016

Our annual Holiday Sale is underway! We've got 2017 weekend passes on sale right now at a very special price of $125, but only until January 2nd. These weekend passes are over 15% off the fin...

Rent Our Community Space

December 6, 2016

The Community Room in our office, located at 341 Woolwich Street in Guelph, is now available to rent. With your rental fee, you have access to:  Our accessible main floor  An accessi...

End Violence Against Women and Children

December 2, 2016

Give voice and honour to the women who lost their lived in Montreal on December 6th, 2989. Remember and reflect upon the lost lives of woman and children as a result of violence. The prevention of vio...

2016 Guelph Film Festival

October 17, 2016

The Guelph Film Festival is running November 3-6, 2016 and Hillside Festival is co-presenting Spirit Unforgettable on Friday, November 4th at 7pm at the Guelph Youth Music Centre. Producer, ...

2016 Annual General Meeting Notice

October 12, 2016

All Hillside members are invited to our Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, November 23rd at the Hillside Festival office, 341 Woolwich St. Start off the evening with a little drumming at ...

Holy, Holy F**k

July 21, 2016

Holy F*ck! They’re back. After lying dormant for six years, the band Holy F*ck has released a new album titled Congrats.  They first exploded on the scene after the release of their 2005 d...

PUP and the Dark

July 15, 2016

“The dream is over.” Four words that no singer wants to hear when seeking medical attention for damaged vocal chords. This was the unfortunate reality for the band PUP when lead vocalist S...

[email protected] Call For Entry - HAPPY HILLSIDE

June 21, 2016

HAPPY HILLSIDE! A Visual Celebration of Guelph’s favourite Festival of Music and Community. [email protected] and the Hillside Festival executive present a History Mix of over 20 y...

Sending Love to our LGBTQ community

June 13, 2016

We are sending love to our LGBTQ community and the people of Orlando, Florida, who are suffering such sorrow and pain—we are sending abundant love of difference, love of spirit, love of imaginat...

The Milk Carton Kids turn heads

June 10, 2016

The two voices of The Milk Carton Kids in perfect close harmony fade into the background like a ghost, as the final hand-picked notes of a folk song ring out from vintage acoustic guitars. Even throug...

Taking the Hillside Bus

June 10, 2016

Hillside provides free shuttle bus service for patrons and volunteers. The bus leaves downtown Guelph from St. George’s Square on Quebec St. at Wyndham. If you have your Hillside ticket ...

Sneak peek at our 2016 schedule

June 10, 2016

Here is a peek at the scheduled days/primary sets for the following artists as the schedule takes shape: FRIDAY Youth Showcase Andy Shauf Ought PUP Son Little The Milk Carton Kids...

Hillside Receives Three Awards for 2014!

July 22, 2014

We were lucky enough to receive a Festival of Distinction award from Festivals and Events Ontario this year. It was an award given to “a select group of 23 Ontario festivals,” including Lu...