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Hillside is a registered charity!  Our registration number is 12949 3292 RR0001.

Hillside Festival happily accepts donations of any dollar amount. In past years, we have raised money that went directly to the creation of a pedal-powered stage in the Children's Area, for example. The Rainbow Stage in this area has amps and speakers and microphones and lightslike any of our other four stagesbut we wanted to power that technical production using bicycles that generate and store energy. This way, Hillsiders not only got to participate in the creation of the sounds and lights of the stage by pedaling the bicycles, but they also got to do so in an environmentally-conscious way that helped to shrink our carbon footprint. This initiative was part of the larger greening of our festival that has been underway since 1984 and includes such ventures as dishwashing (we don't have any throwaway dishes on site), free water, the digging of compost pits on-site, tree planting, and the shuttle bus which runs back and forth from downtown Guelph to Guelph Lake Island during the festival.

Girls & Guitars

Each year, we also try to raise money to sustain our Girls & Guitars project. Girls & Guitars has three parts:

  1. In-school seminars featuring singing and songwriting;
  2. Staged performances at Hillside's summer and winter festivals; and
  3. A songwriting course

This project proceeds from our recognition that the music industry tends to be dominated by males who are typically the performers, agents, presenters, promoters, and critics of music.

By placing female singer-songwriters in the schools who will teach children about the power of voice, of continued music practice, the importance of creativity for maintaining a healthy life, and how to write songs that move and inspire, we are hoping to make grassroots change among the upcoming generations. To command a stage and a place in people’s hearts and imaginations is any artist’s role, and it is our purpose to teach all children that they should not abandon a creative life once they reach adulthood just because they don’t see themselves as a “good fit” for that world.

Through our staged performances and our songwriting course, we want to encourage artists of all ages to be heard, loudly and clearly, because equality is not only a central feature of our vision, it is fundamental to peace, liberty, and fair opportunity in our world.  

If you'd like to donate to one of these causesor to just help subsidize the "madness" of our community festivalkindly use the button below. If you would like your donation to go toward a specific cause, please email our Executive Director, Marie Zimmerman. Marie will be happy to channel your enthusiasm to the right budget line.