Hillside Summer Festival 2017

July 14 – 16

Send a Family to Hillside!

Give the gift of music, dance, drumming, and workshops to families, couples or individuals who live in our neighbourhoods but may not be able to come to Hillside.

Last year, we donated 143 tickets to community groups and Syrian families with a total value of $20,878.00. We work with partner organizations such as Women in Crisis, Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition, Children's Foundation, Family & Children's Services, and groups who support Syrian families—organizations whose mandates are to provide care, shelter, pain relief, education, and all-around brightness to people who live with many challenges. We give these organizations the passes and they identify the people whose lives could benefit from a community celebration in the sun. Participating in arts and culture helps reduce loneliness, isolation, and alienation, enhances social understanding, builds cohesion, and fosters community development and civic participation.

Donate Now

Help us to continue our collaborative outreach by donating the cost of a ticket or two. Help us spread the joy of discovering Hillside.