Ride Sharing

Hillside with Kangaride! Kangaride is a rideshare service for medium and long distance trips across Canada and northeastern United States. They have over 150,000 members who do business with Kangaride and over 5,000 weekly departures. We have our own page on the Kangaride website. Check it out here http://www.kangaride.com/events/hillside2016 for a cheap and sustainable means of getting to the festival.

Carpoolingnetwork.com is a ridesharing website for Canada & the United States that has been operating since 2005. Registration on the website is free and no membership is required. Booking and payment of the ride is made online and then money is transferred directly to the driver, no complicated handling of cash in the vehicle! SMS and email alerts to notify drivers of new bookings and passengers of new rides available. 

We have our own page on the Carpooling Network website. Check it out here  https://www.carpoolingnetwork.com/Event_hillside2016.htm for a cheap and sustainable means of getting to the festival. Use promo code Hillside2016 for a discount on your booking!!