Hillside Inside 2018

February 10 – 11

Queers on Quebec Street 2018

"Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it's a good place to start.”

Jason Collins, from the essay "The Gay Athlete," Sports Illustrated, 2013

This February, as part of Hillside Inside, five businesses on Quebec Street in Guelph will throw open their doors to welcome five queer musicians and singers who will entertain shoppers, café-dawdlers, music-lovers, and all manner of curious folk who will help us put the rush on spring by having these artists blossom before us.  Quebec Street is well known for its comprehensive offerings in less than 100 metres:  here you may buy books, clothes, beauty products, and funny gifts, jewelry, and knitting needles.  You can have a drink and three sisters’ ragout with friends at Miijidaa Café.  You may get your hair done at Acqua Salon, your nails trimmed and buffed at The 10 Spot, catch a movie at The Bookshelf cinema, get keys cut, and have your salt-ruined sole healed at Dimar Shoe Repair.  Quebec Street is not only beautiful, it is bountiful. 

This street is a creative hub in Guelph, full of innovative and community-embedded businesses that are always ready to partner, talk, share, and plan.  It’s the perfect place, then, to showcase artists who are often peripheralized, giving visibility to people we don’t often see and voices to people who are often silenced by discrimination. 

So, come out and support these wonderful artists, this wonderful historic street, this wonderful place called Guelph. 

11:00am  -  Miijidaa Cafe and Bistro  -  Janice Jo Lee

11:30am  -  Fallowfield  -  Sandy Stubbert

12:00pm  -  On the Verge  -  LAL

12:30pm  -  Acqua  -  Regina Gently

1:00pm  -  The Truth Beauty Company  -  Evangeline Gentle