Official 2020 Artwork

Introducing this beautiful piece by C.M.Duffy:

Painting of a tree of wires growing out of a soundboard. Birdhouse speakers hang from the branches and birds with wings shaped like human ears fly are fluttering around the tree.

In the words of the artist:

Not only was it an exciting honor to be invited to create the art to represent this upcoming season’s offerings of the Hillside Festival, it was also a challenging one. For me, as for anybody, this makes a project all the more exciting and inevitably fulfilling.

I was tasked with a little feat of engineering: bridging two worlds that are reflected hour by hour on site at the Hillside Festival though they are seemingly disparate bedfellows at first glance. The challenge was representing the manifest natural beauty of the Festival’s teeming outdoor setting while simultaneously embracing the technological gadgetry that makes possible every audible note of the musical performances - along with celebrating the electronic tools as being instruments and a genre in their own right. Likewise we still wanted to convey the Festival’s overarching motif of community that is inspired by the ubiquitous themes of musicand nature. It was important to us that the solution be rousing, bold and overall just... different.

Concepts revealed themselves through batches of sketches, any of which could have been a successful seed and developed further, but only one stood out as being worthy of planting, watering and letting grow. The project proved to be a viable venue for an outgrowth of my personal work, predilections and style. I’m proud of the end result and can’t wait for the coming summer sun to make the art come alive and flourish!

Happy Hillside 2020!

C.M. Duffy

Visit the artist's website to see more of his work.