Workshop Sneak Peek!

This weekend we're going to give you a little peek into the workshops being offered at this year's festival. There are more than fifty workshops, dance classes, drumming circles, discussion groups, and crafting sessions available for this year's Hillside. The breadth of topics is expansive and impressive. Below is a sneak peek at five of them. 

1. Happy Houseplants: You don't have to blow all your cash at the garden centre to fill your home with blooms and foliage! Join Em, a house plant enthusiast who has successfully parented hundreds of succulents and tropical plants in her apartment, to learn the basics of plant propagation: making babies from existing plants! We'll also do houseplant speed dating to find the perfect plants for you and your space.

2. Grow Your Own Beer: Step away from industrial agriculture and put your barley in your backyard. An enlightening and accessible experience for all types of gardeners and beer enthusiasts. Learn to grow, harvest, dry, malt, kiln and store barley and hops with small-scale, permaculture-based methods. A practical and personalized approach to producing the staples of beer led by a multigenerational small-scale farmer and brewer.

3. Bellydancing: Instructors, Nicole and Mary, of Invoketress Dance Company will guide participants through a series of creative movement and belly dance techniques accompanied by live music and percussion with local musicians, Brent Rowan and Gary Diggins. After learning some dance and movement vocabulary, participants will enjoy moving and dancing to live ambient music. Mary and Nicole will encourage and dance with participants throughout the experience.

4. Stonecrafting: There are so many projects you can take on with just a few basic principles in mind. Learn about mortar, dry-stacking stones, cutting and placing stones, composition, and jointing for projects like flagstone, pizza ovens, walls, ornamental features and more. Workshop lead by stone junkie Drew McIvor. 

5. Improv for Joy: Laughter is a shared experience that creates strong bonds. When we come together in the spirit of play, we leave more open, happy and connected people. The practice of improvisation sparks creativity, enhances our ability to listen and collaborate together with positivity. By the end of this workshop you’ll be letting the squirrel (your creativity) out of the garage (its cage) and beginning to understand the absolute joy of improv.

Workshops are offered both Saturday and Sunday; scheduling and availability of the workshops may change.