Reasons to See: NEFE

Reasons to See is a feature where we highlight a different Hillside act and tell you why you should come see them.

NEFE gets her namesake from Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, a woman who dared to defy the expectations of 'woman' and became one of the most powerful rulers the world has ever seen.

Nefertiti was a woman erased from history, her legacy, name and face literally carved from every surface in Egypt after her death. The historical record went on to attribute the actions of her reign to her husband, Akhenaten and while he too was hated, he was granted the dignity of a proper burial and remembrance. It wasn't until some egyptologists went out in search of this lost queen, for while an attempt was made to remove her, there were clues and tidbits left throughout the archaeological record as to who this remarkable woman was. 

Choosing that as your namesake alone should make a listener curious as who NEFE is.

NEFE challenges the status quo and asks everyone to see their own beauty and their flaws as strengths. She actively works to demystify the damaging effect that media can have, by challenging the pursuit of perfection we are sold everyday.

Her voice and spirit have been compared to the legendary Tracy Chapman, with flavours of Bruno Mars in her uniqueness. These references are both clear in their application as NEFE has this rustic grit to her voice that is both empowering and intimate. She evokes a modern feel, with hints of jazz, swing and country rounding out her eclectic sound.

She sounds like a young woman who knows exactly who she is, but is excited to go down the uncertain path. Born Sarah Jea Felker, NEFE is a Guelph local who is on the cusp of breaking big into the musical scene in Canada. She'll be everywhere. You're going to want to say you saw her.