Our Greenbelt: Celebrating Wellington County with Alternatives Journal & 10C

When Alternatives Journal – the voice of Canada’s environmental community – asked us to help throw a party in downtown Guelph to celebrate green spaces, clean rivers and priceless natural areas that make up the Ontario Greenbelt, we couldn't resist. We love parties AND clean, green natural areas! 

The Greenbelt is comprised of more than 2 million acres of land and spans 325km, from Tobermory all the way to the Niagara River. Located in the centre of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, the protected area offers numerous benefits for the surrounding communities. AJ wishes to raise awareness and promote discussion surrounding the status of the Greenbelt.

On March 27th, Alternatives Journal, Hillside Festival and 10C are hosting an event to do just that, in the most engaging way possible. Partnering with craft breweries and local food sources, the event will feature not only free beer and delicious food but engaging art and lively music (stay tuned for more details!) 

Amid the celebrations, we’ll be learning and sharing how those of us in urban and near-urban lands can and will support our waterways, agricultural lands, natural spaces and other important environmental areas.

Date:  March 27th, 2018

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Place:  42 Carden Street (10C)

Tickets: FREE!  Space is limited and you need a ticket for entry. Get your FREE ticket here .

Photo of violin resting on a tree trunk