Holy, Holy F**k

Holy F*ck! They’re back. After lying dormant for six years, the band Holy F*ck has released a new album titled Congrats. 
They first exploded on the scene after the release of their 2005 debut self-titled album. They proceeded to blow the minds of electronica fans worldwide by achieving the electronic sound without the use of laptops or programmed backing tracks. Instead, they make use of piles of outdated electronic equipment and non-instruments to create sound that ranges between harsh, burning intensity and smooth, chill grooves. Watching them perform live is a mesmerizing experience.

Over the next five years, they produced two more albums and hit the road playing festival after festival. Their fan base grew and grew. But the stress of being on the road brought personal and professional upheaval within the band. “…[W]e were burning ourselves out,” says Holy F*ck’s Brian Borcherdt, in an interview for Exclaim! Magazine in May 2016.

Between 2010 and 2016, both Borcherdt and bandmate Graham Walsh took to writing and producing other projects, including instrumentation on Canadian songstress, Lights’ Siberia album. Walsh also produced and recorded with bands such as METZ and Alvvays.
Now, with a half a dozen years between albums, fans of Holy F*ck are being treated to some new material. Congrats has a darker and more mature feel than their previous three albums. It would seem their time apart working with other artists has inspired them to once again step outside the box, and push their sound to the edge. And while their studio albums are an auditory delight, the best way to experience Holy F*ck is live. Be sure to catch their Sunday evening performance at Hillside 2016.
Colleen Bedford