Hillside Summer Festival 2016

July 22 - 24

The McGarrigle Family Sideshow

The McGarrigle Family Sideshow

Anna dreamed of a family caravan that would travel from town to town to put on shows in its own black box tent.  There would be readings, short films, music, other entertainments.  The dream was inspired by the old road warrior himself, Grandfather James McGarrigle, an early film projectionist who travelled around at the turn of the 20th century with a piano accompanist.  Our travelling singers/players/filmmakers:  Anna McGarrigle, Jane McGarrigle, Sylvan Lanken, Lily Lanken, Vincent Dow, Kathleen Weldon, and a possible mystery guest.  Livin' the dream...

Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, July 23rd at 5:35pm

    Lake Stage