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The Hillside Summer Festival and Hillside Inside are three-day, multi-stage events with a broad artistic vision that emphasizes diversity:  of culture, of musical heritage and style, of age, geography and influence.

Set in a beautiful, accessible conservation area with campgrounds on Guelph Lake, our summer festival is world-renowned as one of Canada’s most progressive, environmentally conscious, completely non-commercial community celebrations. We create a village on Guelph Lake Island that we fill with music, dance, drumming, food, crafts, and more. 



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  • 2017 Volunteer Program of the Year Award from Festivals & Events Ontario
  • 2017 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards were awarded to six of our volunteers 
  • 2017 Ontario Youth Volunteer Service Awards were awarded to three of our volunteers
  • 2016, Best Green Operations Festival Award from Canadian Music Week
  • 2008 - 2016 Best Greening of a Festival Award from Festival & Events Ontario
  • 2015 Family Volunteering Award, from Festivals & Events Ontario awarded to the Perissinotto family
  • 2015 Frank Valeriote's Volunteer of the Month Award awarded to Bree Woods
  • 2014 Honour Roll Award from The Grand River Conservation Authority for "a sustained record of achievement over an extended period of time."
  • 2013 Volunteer of the Month, from Festivals & Events Ontario awarded to Justin Peterson, Coordinator of the celebrated Dishwashing Crew



Hillside Festival has a rich History that stretches more than thirty-four years. It was founded in 1984 by a group of Guelph residents who wanted to celebrate music in a way that respected the environment and encouraged community building and altruism. 

Since its inception, Environmental Sustainability, has been a core principle of The Hillside Festival with a no-trace policy. With this, the Festival is proud to be one of the first festivals in Canada that started a zero-waste dishwashing program that removed the need for destructive styrofoam and/or plastic plates and utensils.

The need for plastic water bottles was eliminated from Hillside through several initiatives. First, reusable collectable mugs are the item of the Festival and come with a handy clip so attendees can easily clip their unused cup to their backpack or belt. Second, a massive water tanker is on site for all attendees to fill up those resuable cups with local tasty water! 

Further, a permanent stage was built on the Festival grounds and to offset the lost green space, the roof of the stage was made into a living roof, with a thriving native plant ecosystem. 

Volunteerism  Hillside has over 1,500 volunteers and one of the strongest volunteer retention initiatives in the province, with many volunteers celebrating their 20, 25 and 30 year anniversaries. The Festival would not be able to run without the tireless work of our volunteers. 


2017 Festival 

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