Volunteer Awards

Justin Peterson Volunteer of the Year Smiling

2017 FEO Volunteer Program of the Year

Hillside Festival has been awarded the Volunteer Program of the Year for 2017 from Festivals & Events Ontario. We are very proud of our volunteers, all the great work they do and the Volunteer Program that supports their work. Thanks to all of you for continually making Hillside Festival a great organization to volunteer with.

2017 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards

The following volunteers received Ontario Volunteer Service Awards at a ceremony at the River Run Centre on March 24, 2017:

  • Karin Davidson-Taylor
  • Leslie Howarth
  • Tom Klein Beernink
  • Seimone Kpiniong
  • Barry Randall
  • Marty Williams

Youth Awards:

  • Alex Campagnolo
  • Isaiah Farahbaksh
  • Audrey Palmer-Steinhauser

Thanks to all of you for your long-term commitment to the Hillside Festival. We are grateful for all that you have contributed over the years.

2015 FEO Family Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to the Perissinotto family - Matt, Allanah, Mandy and Rick!

They are the 2015 winners of this inaugral award through FEO. The Perissinotto family has volunteered in a variety of roles with Hillside for a number of years and it looks like the tradition will continue with the latest addition to the family - Lily - who has started on her Hillside journey already.

Frank Valeriote's Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Bree Woods as the recipient of this award for the month of February 2015. Bree is an outstanding and passionate volunteer with Hillside, coordinating our Waste Management Monday crew. Bree's commitment to the festival and the environment is an inspiration to us all. Thanks, Bree.

Justin Peterson Named 2013 Volunteer of the Year 

Justin Peterson, our beloved Dishwashing Coordinator, won Volunteer of the Year at the Festivals and Events Ontario conference in March of 2013. Justin was recognized for over 15 years of volunteering in an area which, under his direction, has become known for its team spirit and chutzpah. In his acceptance speech, Justin noted that he doesn't do the work because it's easy, "but because it's hard" - because it's a worthy challenge that helps protect the environment. Justin has educated other festivals about the benefits and logistics of washing dishes for thousands of people through his work with the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, the Northern Lights Festival, and the Pickathon Festival in Washington.  Some of his crew members at the time - Brianna Rustige, Rachel Hyatt, and Walker Murray - attended the awards ceremony in Toronto.

We are all very proud of Justin and the can-do attitude he inspires among his crew of "dish-ninjas" and among all of us organizers in general.

*Photo Joey Panetta