Hillside Festival 2019

July 12 - 14

Yonatan Gat and the Eastern Medicine Singers

It all started in a chance encounter at SXSW Festival where renowned New York-via-Middle-East composer and guitarist Yonatan Gat first experienced the sound of Rhode Island-based Algonquin group Eastern Medicine Singers as they were performing in the street.

In his own words: “First time I saw the Eastern Medicine Singers they were playing outside the venue just before we went on. I loved their music and asked if they wanted to join us. We never met before, and they immediately replied – ‘no’. I politely suggested that they are free to reconsider after they hear our music. By the second song I noticed them hauling their gigantic drum inside. My trio performs on the floor, so we formed a circle with both bands inside the audience, surrounding us. The crowd were banging on the musicians’ backs – crying, dancing, trancing. The Eastern Medicine Singers and I remained friends and continued working together ever since.