Hillside Festival 2019

July 12 - 14

Splash 'N Boots

Splash 'N Boots

Splash’N Boots rose to prominence in the hearts and minds of families through music, live shows and television. Their music creates family dance parties; it is a soundtrack to bedtimes, mealtime and all moments in between.

Since their inception, Splash’N Boots have released twelve original music albums. Their most recent album, You Me and The Sea, saw them collaborating with much loved singer-songwriter Alan Doyle (formerly of Great Big Sea) and recently was awarded the JUNO Award for Children’s Album of the Year. Recorded in Newfoundland, Canada, the new songs are infused with the essential elements of Newfoundland kitchen parties with a good dose of step dancing, fiddling and even a dreamy bedtime waltz. 

On television, they appear daily in over 8.5 million homes across Canada with their number one TV show. To date, they have written and starred in over 100 episodes and they have  written and produced an original segment for season 49 of Sesame Street. They’ve also been featured in televised performances with The Wiggles and Fred Penner.

At their live shows, the family audience is encouraged to show up and participate as the yellow and blue crew. “It’s a collective experience for us and the audience. Our goal is always connection - bringing kids closer to their families, and also to each other” explains Taes Leavitt (Boots) “ Our hope is that our music will connect, and also inspire kids to stand up tall in who they are, and know that they are always loved, ” continues Nick Adams (Splash.) Unique and inventive, they constantly strive to create opportunities for parents and children to share moments.

Performance Schedule

  • Sunday, July 14th at 12:50pm

    Main Stage