Hillside Festival 2019

July 12 - 14

Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant believes in, while writing a song, the power of intuition; that she can feel something in the air and has to catch it. This skin-tingling, goosebump-inducing sense shaped her newest record, Love, Inevitable. The peculiar and enthralling magical quality of the Halifax folk-pop singer’s songwriting and performance persists all around Love, Inevitable. Power pop vocals on “Raven,” graceful, smooth synths on “Arizona,” and swelling, moving chords on “Lay Me Down.”

The three-time Juno nominated singer’s seventh record establishes a mood of transition; sliding the old back and making room for the new. It’s an era of definition and ambiguity. Competing energies are woven into the tracks. But, at its core, Love, Inevitable steadily gets through the fog; through undetermined moments, ones that spark concern or fear, but doing so with nothing but ease. As much as anything is inevitable, what’s more pressing is recognizing the moment as it is exists now, and enjoying that.

“I just let everything go in order to make this record.”

Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, July 13th at 12:00pm

    Island Stage
  • Sunday, July 14th at 1:20pm

    Lake Stage
  • Sunday, July 14th at 6:15pm

    Main Stage