Hillside Summer Festival 2018

July 13 - 15

Five Alarm Funk

Five Alarm Funk

Some bands want to change the world. Five Alarm Funk’s goal is much simpler.

They want you to sweat.

That’s been the idea since the first time drummer Tayo Branston, guitarist Gabe Boothroyd and the original Five Alarm bassist Neil Towers met at a Vancouver house party in 2003. Since that night, the temperature in their leafy green hometown began to rise. Other musicians started showing up to jam. The parties led to gigs locally, which led a few years later to grinding bus tours across Canada and into the States. The crowds grew. The grooves burned. A horn section jumped onboard to punch the beat harder. Percussion cranked it up even more. EPs and albums followed, as studios and gear melted down from the sheer intensity these guys unleashed.

No wonder they called their last album Sweat.

But believe it or not, Five Alarm Funk is just warming up.

Future releases and reissues with all-star rappers and funksters. Sights set on bringing their magic to festivals throughout the world. More sweat, more dancing … more Five Alarm Funk.

That’s global warming as it ought to be.

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Performance Schedule

  • Friday, July 13th at 5:55pm

    Island Stage
  • Saturday, July 14th at 11:00am

    Lake Stage
  • Saturday, July 14th at 10:05pm

    Lake Stage