Hillside Summer Festival 2017

July 14 - 16

Youth Showcase

Youth Showcase

Hillside & JamSchool present:

A variety of young musicians from JamSchool will grace the stage Friday evening to celebrate the opening of the festival! We're very excited to welcome: 

Raichlee Kelly,

Kara Proeschel,

Emma Bell Woodward,

The JamSchool House Band (Kieran Bates, Josh Collesso, Carlan Pulkkinnen, Thomas McIlwraith),

Sometime Tomorrow (Etienne Wenger, Gabrielle Santin, Cullen Roach, Dillon McDaid), 

Noah and the Roaches (Noah Allard, Robert Rozzi, Josh Collesso, Cullen Roach), 

Yungfeller (Rhys Hudson, David Clarke, Owen Phillips, Oliver Smyth-Commodari, Logan Fell). 



Performance Schedule

  • Friday, July 14th at 6:00pm

    Main Stage