Hillside Summer Festival 2014

July 25 - 27

Youth Showcase

Youth Showcase

A variety of young musicians from the Jam School will grace the stage Friday evening to celebrate the opening of the festival! We're very excited to welcome: Emmitt Leacock, Laura Maly, Sara Pica, Julian Murphy, Emilee Hillis, Owen LeBlanc, Logan Gray, Emma Goodridge, Laura Maly, Victoria Johnson, Jack Mosney, Juliet Zimmerman, Sara Pica, Angelica Mcdaid, Nicole Ferraro, Jay Hannah, Alexandra Delle Donne, Oliver Johnson, Justin Grignon, Paddy McClenaghan, Wes Thompson, Eliza Cazzola, and Sonia Cazzola.

Performance Schedule

  • Friday, July 25th at 6:15pm

    Main Stage