Hillside Summer Festival 2014

July 25 - 27

Esther Grey

Esther Grey

Esther Grey is a garage pop Guelph band that moves with ease between a crunchy, riff-centric sound and moody, down-tempo waltzes. In autumn 2013, they released and toured eastward a 7-inch vinyl entitled Buttermilk, which the band recorded themselves at Little Room Labs. The record is three songs long and showcases Esther Grey's appetite for mixing spookiness, distortion, fragility, menace, and punch. It has been said that Esther Grey "straddle the line between makeshift charm and slick skill" (Vish Khanna), and perhaps it is this straddling—this act of balancing reckless abandon and careful composition—that helps make their music so compelling.

Performance Schedule

  • Friday, July 25th at 6:00pm

    Island Stage
  • Saturday, July 26th at 1:00pm

    Lake Stage
  • Saturday, July 26th at 5:30pm

    Sun Stage