Hillside Inside 2018

February 10 - 11

Youth Showcase 2018

Youth Showcase 2018

Our city is home to some truly creative people and this is a great way to see the next generation. This event is put on in co-ordination with the Guelph Jam School.

Performers for Hillside Inside 2018 include: 

  • Avalon Burn and Thomas McIlwraith
  • Sarah Brix with JamSchool House Band
  • Savanah Green with JamSchool House Band
  • Blame the Universe
  • Kids in the Picture
  • JamSchool House Band 
  • Zach and Thomas
  • Feedback: A Cappella Group
  • Gabrielle Santin
  • The Crowleys
  • Claire Thorne
  • Bluesday
  • Emma Bell Woodward

Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, February 10th at 11:00am

    Planet Bean