Hillside Inside 2018

February 10 - 11

Doris Folkens

Doris Folkens

“Doris Folkens paints songs with the careful detail of an artist capturing deep feelings and profound narratives,” believes professional songwriter, Keppie Coutts. Doris forged her talent in childhood on the family piano and later expanded to guitar and professional songwriting. In British Columbia, Doris was a regular contributor at the Revelstoke Coffee House, Summer Street Festival, and Snowflake Wine Festival.

Doris Folkens studied songwriting with Berklee College of Music and is a 2017 recipient of Folk Music Ontario’s “Songs From the Heart” award.  Her debut album, a collection of anecdotal folk songs, will be released in Winter 2018.

You can hear her songs at  www.dorisfolkens.com .

Performance Schedule

  • Sunday, February 11th at 1:30pm

    10 Carden Community Classroom