Hillside Inside 2016

January 29 - 31

The Elwins

The Elwins

The Elwins are a pop band from the lakeside town of Keswick, Ontario that specialize in writing bright, infectious songs. They're a group of guys that you would be happy to introduce to your friends and parents.

Formed in 2008 by high school friends Matthew Sweeney and Travis Stokl, they were soon joined by Feurd Moore and Frankie Figliomeni. With a strong pop sensibility, their music has garnered The Elwins an impressive amount of attention and the support of their peers.  The release of the band's 2012 debut "And I Thank You"  introduced the band to audiences worldwide and won them the approval of taste makers Exclaim!, Rolling Stone and CBC

The Elwins look forward to the release of their newly recorded sophomore album scheduled for February 2016.

Tickets for the show available here!

Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, January 30th at 9:30pm

    St. George's Church - Mitchell Hall