Hillside Inside 2016

January 29 - 31

Michael Mucci & Ben Grossman

Michael Mucci & Ben Grossman

We're so very happy to be co-presenting with the Guelph Jazz Festival the power duo of Michael Mucci (guitar, lap steel) & Ben Grossman (hurdy gurdy, percussion) who create a beautiful web of rich string sounds.  They describe their work this way:  "Finger-picked guitar notes glisten over a bed of glowing hurdy gurdy work.  Organic, warm compositions grown in the roots of a folk tradition, but assembled with a contemporary movement. Their interplay grows from a tangled concoction into a spacious new world, almost timid at times.  Birth & then rebirth."  .... Yes, we can't wait either!

Performance Schedule

  • Saturday, January 30th at 6:30pm

    Sip Club